Sick of terrorism, Copts convert to Islam to experience its peace

In the wake of the latest terrorist attack on Egyptian Copts, where gunmen stopped their vehicle, ordered them out, and executed them on site, dozens of Copts have converted to Islam hoping to experience the Islamic peacefulness and tolerance they have always heard about but never witnessed.  

“It was time we got a taste of that sweet Islamic peace,” M.K.L. told our reporter minutes after performing his first Asr prayer, “it feels really good, Muslims are now accepting of my beliefs and I’m free to pray wherever and whenever I want, we can even build new mosques with great ease, as a Christian, I couldn’t do that,” he added with a look that either reflected satisfaction or faked it.

But being a Muslim does not mean full protection from Islamic terrorism. The Takfiri ideology justifies labeling Muslims who don’t practice Islam strictly, according to particular fundamentalist texts, as infidels and allows killing them. For now, however, these new Muslims are enjoying some peace of mind, and you can tell they needed it. 

London’s Mayor and the muslims-in-the-west entitlement program

What does electing a Muslim mayor say about Londoners as a group of people? It says they do not discriminate negatively against Muslims, among other things. For perspective, in 2011, just after the Egyptian revolution -touted by western media as a movement for freedom and dignity not just better financial conditions- Muslims of Qena protested by blocking a main road against the appointment of a Christian as their governor until the decision was overturned. This incident illustrates how Muslims are not tolerant of others in their countries and thus their ideals and practices- particularly the ones hostile to western values- must not be protected from criticism and investigation out of fear of ostracizing or alienating Muslim minorities in the west. Without pressure, challenge, and discussion, Muslims will not, magically, begin accepting those with different creeds and views: their sense of entitlement to respect from others without respecting them back will be falsely and arrogantly empowered.


In other words, Muslims play professional victims (Ahmed Clock, Isis Philips, four Muslim women asked to leave restaurant after overstaying table occupancy time) in Western countries while practicing horrendous forms of social and political bigotry in states where they are the majority.


For a second perspective, Islam Elbeheiry, a religious reformer, is currently behind bars for questioning the authenticity of some sayings (hadiths) claimed by Albokhari to had been said by Prophet Muhammad. Albokhari collected these sayings after Muhammad’s death from some people’s memories hundreds of years ago. Elbeheiry also offered new methods for interpreting some Quranic verses that would fundamentally eliminate any violent readings of the Quran that could be acted on, which, yes, contributed to his sentence. Ahmed Nagi was also imprisoned when some chapters of his novel were published in a public paper, the Prosecutor found the lines “explicitly sexual and constitute a threat to our moral fabric”. The phones of suspected homosexuals are monitored and they also get locked up. This is not just the policies of the Military-Islamist regime ruling Egypt, most, if not all, Muslims here outspokenly oppose tolerating whatever they deem is out of line.


And I hear atheists and Christians are not doing great in Saudi Arabia and Iran.


So when Muslims demand inclusion of their beliefs in the West there are considerable reasons we should think this inclusion goes only one way. More to the point, Islamic beliefs must never be guarded from necessary reformatory challenges and debates, because the contemporary Islamic culture, represented by Muslim-majority countries, makes an enemy out of freedom of speech and, of course, freedom of acting.