Distinguishing between Islamism and Radical Islam

The word Islamism, which means Islam as a religion and a constitution for a state, is a fairly recent word in the Arabic language, because Islam began as religion and a constitution. Islam is not just a spiritual code of ethics, it is the law, and that’s what most Muslims in the Middle East and... Continue Reading →


Discussing Islamic Terrorism Without Getting Bogged Down in “Not all Muslims are terrorists”

Are all Muslims extremists? No. Racist and gross. 2) Does the Quran instigate against non-Muslims? Yes, some Quranic verses are very hostile towards non-Muslims while others promote tolerance and compassion, both types of verses exist. The Quran is not a physics book, it's a collection of teachings, regulations, stories, and some whimsical poetry collected around... Continue Reading →

Qutb’s LSD

The second most influential man in the Muslim Brotherhood is Sayyed Qutb. Qutb was ugly looking. He failed as a critic and as a writer. There is not one account of him engaging in any sexual relation of any kind with any woman. Before joining the Brotherhood his ambition was never fulfilled, he was desperate,... Continue Reading →

Rights of Islamists in a terrorism industrial zone

Egypt is one of the international terrorism manufacturers, from students attacking police officers and damaging public property to militants planting bombs and forming terrorist cells. Those terrorists have theorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, Islamists. Islamists produce the literature and provide the ideas -soil- on which militancy is planted and grown. The Egyptian... Continue Reading →

Problematic Quranic Verses

The Quran is a a work of literature not a scientific text, literary works derive their value and meaning from their comprehension by humans, unlike scientific texts which state their value through the verifiable facts contained within their words or acknowledge that a certain hypothesis is not yet proven correct. It is true some Quranic... Continue Reading →

Roots of terrorism: Banaa in his own words

Original article by Sameh Eid here.Hassan el-Banaa is the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many claim he was a reformer and a pacifist, let's look at some of the ideas found in his letters to the Muslim Brothers.A Party Of Their Own" Now, our cause stands strong, capable of being directive not directed, influential not... Continue Reading →

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