Discussing Islamic Terrorism Without Getting Bogged Down in “Not all Muslims are terrorists”

Are all Muslims extremists? No. Racist and gross. 2) Does the Quran instigate against non-Muslims? Yes, some Quranic verses are very hostile towards non-Muslims while others promote tolerance and compassion, both types of verses exist. The Quran is not a physics book, it's a collection of teachings, regulations, stories, and some whimsical poetry collected around... Continue Reading →


Fatwas from Scholars of the Holy Country (Against Egypt’s Army)

Fatwas* from Scholars of the Holy Country is a book comprising thousands of fatwas on various issues. It can be found in most hotel rooms surrounding Kaaba’s Masjid al-Haram, most sacred place on Earth according to Muslims. This guide for Muslims is written by Saudi Arabia's top scholars and its presence near Kaaba, where thousands... Continue Reading →

Rights of Islamists in a terrorism industrial zone

Egypt is one of the international terrorism manufacturers, from students attacking police officers and damaging public property to militants planting bombs and forming terrorist cells. Those terrorists have theorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, Islamists. Islamists produce the literature and provide the ideas -soil- on which militancy is planted and grown. The Egyptian... Continue Reading →

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