The Voodoo of fighting terrorism while cradling Islamism 

Following every terror attack in Egypt, secularists, myself included, engage in long conversations on the necessity of combating Islamist ideologies [Islam as a religion and constitution] for the sake of our country’s national security. We also urge the state to allow Muslim reformers to speak freely without fear of getting thrown in jail and to prevent government senior officials, especially in the ministry of Islamic affairs and Al-Azhar, from promoting extremist, fundamentalist, and Islamist ideas. High on adrenaline, we tend to forget that most Muslims in Egypt actually put Islam high above the Egyptian state: they are Muslims living in Egypt not Egyptians who believe in Islam. It is one of the reasons why some Europeans are rightly concerned about the increasing numbers of Muslims in Europe alongside declining birth rates. Islam, unlike Christianity now, supersedes the state. Sharia courts and FGM in England come to mind.

Islamists in Egypt, including the ones in the government and Al-Azhar and Salafists, hold great sway over the minds of Muslims, particularly younger ones. Islamism gives these men of God the moral and executive authority to mobilize millions of youths towards a particular goal should the situation arise and the need for action is true enough. If Sisi challenges the core ideas that enables Islamists to control Egyptian Muslims without a meticulously calculated plan implemented incrementally, the outcome can be devastating for him and Egypt. Islamists will not watch helplessly as the rug is pulled from under their feet and the authority they worked years to achieve evaporates. Sisi is surely well aware of what happened when Saddam Hussein and his party tried secularizing Iraq in an economy much better than Egypt’s. Islamists have the know-how and texts to label him an enemy of Islam if they sense he is sincere about delegitimizing the authority they derive from the interpretation of Islam they promote, preach, and write literature for; they also have the capability to turn millions of youths against him and Christians, like some of them do now but on a mass scale. It is delusional, for example, to think that Salafists believe in anything but an Islamic State, they are just currently relaxed because the government allows them to freely, absolutely freely, propagate the ideas ISIS is putting into action and instill them in the minds of children.

Islam Beheiry, who had been jailed for criticizing extremist interpretations of the Quran and Hadith, says Al-Azhar University’s curricula must be updated to remove all hard-line stipulations derived from the Quran and Hadith such as the ones on fighting infidels and hating non-Muslims or discriminating against them. According to Beheiry, former head of Al-Azhar Mohamed Sayed Tantawi had actually taken this step before the current Grand Imam Ahmed Eltayeb rescinded it. Sisi, on more than one occasion, called on Al-Azhar scholars to actively combat extremist texts, not Islamism, but was met with deaf ears time and time again. And while it is true that Sisi’s authority is unchecked and he can pretty much get away with anything, when it comes to religion, if his vision of reforming and modernizing Islam, which neither denotes nor connotes rejecting the principle of Islam as a religion and state constitution, is not fully aligned with the Islamists and Salafists inside and outside his government he can find himself up against a volcano of terrorism and disobedience.

Taking small but real and effective steps, and cementing them, towards a secular Egypt is the only viable way. Sisi, however, still seems reluctant to take it. Sisi and many Egyptians seem to think terrorism can be fought without challenging Islamism, but if the statement Islam is a religion and state constitution is true, does it not follow that Men of God should rule or fight until power is in their hands?!!

Discussing Islamic Terrorism Without Getting Bogged Down in “Not all Muslims are terrorists”

  1. Are all Muslims extremists?
    No. Racist and gross.

    2) Does the Quran instigate against non-Muslims?
    Yes, some Quranic verses are very hostile towards non-Muslims while others promote tolerance and compassion, both types of verses exist. The Quran is not a physics book, it’s a collection of teachings, regulations, stories, and some whimsical poetry collected around 1000 years ago from the minds of those who had memorized it during Prophet Muhammad’s life some one hundred years earlier.

    3) Were the verses promoting hatred of non-Muslims meant for particular circumstances or a specific period?
    No, it is totally up to the reader how these verses should be interpreted.

    4) Can a Muslim declare there is a war against Islam and recruit soldiers for jihad?
    Yes, an argument could be made that the current western culture, particularly freedom of sexual practices and freedom from religion, violates the core beliefs of Islam. Western military interference in Muslim areas also constitutes an argument.

    5) Are Muslims pushing for more tolerant readings of the Quran?
    On the contrary, as Muslims find their religion and culture growing more and more irrelevant and inapplicable in today’s globalized world they either become seculars, the minority, or stick to more fundamentalist religious readings.

    6) The Islamic culture is the synthesis of:
    Texts (Quran and Hadith)
    Interpretation, how these texts are understood.
    Implementation, which leads to:
    A) Terrorism
    B) A long term strategy to spread Islamism, sometimes without seeking political power like the Salafists in Egypt.
    C) Passive secularism, not abiding by Islam’s regulations.
    D) Active secularism, pushing for separation of mosque and state while fighting Islamism in society.

    7) Islamism is Islam as a religion and a constitution from which principal and daily regulations are derived, i.e., sharia law in action.

    8) For Europe to remain Europe, the principles of freedom of speech, expression, and thought must be upheld. Kowtowing to Islamism will lead to more societal deformation and the occasional bomb. Islamists cannot be appeased; they seek to rule one way or another. Islamists in suits can never control terrorists, terrorists are rogue, violent individuals convinced there are brides waiting for them in a palace in heaven.


Fatwas from Scholars of the Holy Country (Against Egypt’s Army)

Fatwas* from Scholars of the Holy Country is a book comprising thousands of fatwas on various issues. It can be found in most hotel rooms surrounding Kaaba’s Masjid al-Haram, most sacred place on Earth according to Muslims. This guide for Muslims is written by Saudi Arabia’s top scholars and its presence near Kaaba, where thousands of pilgrims are present every year to perform Hajj, signifies its value.

One fatwa in this book orders Muslims not to buy flowers for sick people because this is a blind imitation of western infidels and flowers are utterly useless. Another forbids fraternizing with Christians, true brotherhood exists only between believers (non-Muslims are not believers). The book also orders Muslims not to greet Christians in their daily lives and especially on Christian holidays. Congratulating Christians on Christmas is acknowledging that Jesus was crucified, which is a sin [the acknowledgment].

This level of intolerance is commonplace in the literature of Muslim Fundamentalists known as Salafists, although many of these fatwas are not practiced due to impracticality and Taqqiyah- employing false and deceitful means to reach a desired greater end. What is unusual in this book is one particular question directed at its authors: Concerning people who earn their living working in the Egyptian Army, are they permitted to salute the flag and the officers and abide by laws not stipulated by Allah?

No, came the answer, Muslims are not permitted to salute officers, commanders, or flags, and Muslims must not obey any rules other than the Islamic rules, not even the rules of the military.

Why is Egypt’s Army the only army mentioned in this book? Why is it the target of such heinous prohibitions despite alleged good Egyptian-Saudi ties?

And how can Saudi Arabia fight religious fanaticism with books like this? Or does the petroleum giant only seek to counter acts of terror? The second question is particularly interesting because Sisi’s administration seems to be at peace with Salafists -who promote the same kind of ideas previously mentioned- while losing dozens of Egyptian noble soldiers and police officers in the war against Islamic terrorism every year.

*A fatwa is on official religion advice from Muslim scholars to Muslims

Transcribed and translated from Ibrahim Eissa’s 25/30, episode of August 9th, 2015 [ Min 01:00:00]

Rights of Islamists in a terrorism industrial zone

Egypt is one of the international terrorism manufacturers, from students attacking police officers and damaging public property to militants planting bombs and forming terrorist cells. Those terrorists have theorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, Islamists. Islamists produce the literature and provide the ideas -soil- on which militancy is planted and grown. The Egyptian state has been involved in a cat and mouse game with Islamists for over forty years. While playing, Islamists have cemented a solid working network and secured wide popularity. Because of some kind of a reason or logic completely beyond my all means of comprehension, a good few of Egyptian leftists have always chosen to stand by and support Islamists as comrades and brothers in arms in the fight against state. “Our intellectuals were so busy defending the Muslim Brotherhood they completely forgot Egypt’s existential need for popularizing secularism,” Professor of Philosophy Murad Wahba once said. President Sadat put it more bluntly, “Communists are working with Islamists, it’s hysterical”.

Islamism – Islam as a religion and a constitution for life- has contributed greatly to throttling progress in Egypt. Raising children to believe beyond any doubt in the eternal afterlife has diminished their interest in this life and directed some of them to follow the merchants of heaven known as Sheikhs of Islam. Hypocrisy is widely practiced to cover up lifestyles that significantly deviate from the obsolete social stipulations of Islam. Non-conformists are regarded as evil heathens. Islamism has created a general culture of fundamentalism not even men of science could escape. For instance, Islamists are against birth control, having as many kids as possible is encouraged by Sheikhs, the thing that caused an over-population problem, which benefited only Islamists who ensnare the poor with charity and promises of heaven. To this day, organ donation upon brain-stem death is still out of our hospitals because of Azhar’s interference in legislation. Some physicians wholeheartedly promote female genital mutilation to guarantee virtue. Awesome Azhar has a government-sponsored department dedicated to finding scientific Easter eggs in the Quran using taxpayers’ money, and the bulk of Egyptians find it reasonable, and you read that correctly.

These factors have created a sick society leaning towards myth away from science and gradually collapsing in on itself. It also helps that the Middle East is being disintegrated into self-destructing war zones at the hands of Islamists.

Amid all this, a great number of influential and politically active leftists prefer to defend the political rights of organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, somehow failing to realize their mere existence is a threat to Egypt’s existence. One third of the upcoming parliament’s members could easily delegitimize Sisi’s presidency, throwing us in head-twisting turbulence.There are icebergs up ahead in the distance.

And the state is as much complicit.

Islamists already have an edge in our religious society, the scaffolding provided to them by the state and leftists has overpowered a cancer brilliantly capable of making ancient fundamentalist ideas appealing again. Even in secular countries like Sweden and France, Islamists should be kept under state’s close watch and under the steel hand of law. Remember, their endgame is either the Islamic Caliphate or Terrorism.

Take sides, fight for your goals, sacrifices have to be made. Disenfranchising and socially ostracizing Islamists are paramount necessities to preserve Egypt.

Nature is apathetic and cruel, but it cannot hold a candle to modern economy and political warfare.

Educational Stages of Islamic Fanaticism and Terrorism

Salafism – Primary School

Teaches: Only we are the true Muslims, all others are infidels. However, we will not use violence but work on enlarging our group(s) by getting society to assimilate our ideas.

Recruiting Methods:

*Giving birth to as many kids as possible to be brought up according to their ideas

*Motivational religious lessons, preaches

*Charity work

Literature by: Ibn Taymiah, Muhammad Ibn-Abdul-Wehab

Notable Quotes:

Kids must not hang posters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on the walls of their rooms.” Salafist Yasser Borhami

“Pharaohnic statues are false idols and must be destroyed.” Salafist Engineer Abdul-Menem el-Shahat

Prepares you for

The Muslim Brotherhood – Middle School

Teaches: Only we are the true Muslims, all others are infidels. However, we will not depend primarily on violence, we will swing between terrorism and politics as defined by what’s more suitable at a given time.

Recruiting Methods:

*Giving birth to as many kids as possible to be brought up according to their ideas

*Motivational religious lessons, preaches

*Charity work

*Dream of becoming masters of the world

Literature by: Hassan el-Banna, Sayed Qutb

Notable Quotes:

“The Renaissance bird [Muslim Brotherhood’s project for Egypt] has two wings and an ass.” Deposed president Mohamed Morsi

“Terrorism in Sinai stops once Morsi is reinstated as president.” Mohamed el-Beltagy.

Prepares you for

Small Terrorist Cells (Ansar Beit al-Maqdes, Agnad Masr, Ansar el-Shariah, etc…) – High School

Teaches: We are the only Muslims and we will kill all other people, gradually.

Recruiting Methods:

*Attracting motivated individuals who find Salafists and the Muslim Brothers a little too tame

*Attracting aggressive, sexually frustrated young males willing to suffer and die for the promised 73 virgins

Literature by: Salafists, Muslim Brotherhood

Notable Quotes:

“Boom.” Unknown.

Prepares you for

Professors of International Terrorism (ISIS – Al-Qaeda) – University/Post Graduate Studies

Teaches: We are the only Muslims and we kill all other people, gradually, and take their women.

Recruiting Methods:

*Attracting experienced motivated individuals who find Salafists and the Muslim Brothers a little too tame

*Attracting aggressive – and usually sexually frustrated- young males willing to suffer and die in a glorious adventurous war for the promised 73 virgins in heaven, and the women they can abduct and rape on earth.

Literature by: Texts inspired by pure Afghani pot

Notable Quotes:

“God came to me in my dream last night.” Mullah Omar.

“Boom.” Unknown.

Prepares you for