Oppressive religious states serve Satan

It’s not easy being an atheist in a religious country. People treat you like a snake, there to corrupt their faith with doubt and derail their children from the path of god. They instinctively want to silence and banish you, if you’re lucky. Of course Al Jazeera will not make a short video about the... Continue Reading →


Unchallenged Islam and the cloud of terror

Muslims have suspended history. The main ideas dictating their morals and behavior, and the foundations of their belief system, were never challenged publicly in Muslim countries, official representatives of the religious institution, preachers, and even ordinary citizens do not allow it. Texts, audios, and videos attempting to oppose or reread Islam’s main or secondary concepts... Continue Reading →

Muslim Homosexuals and Vegan Cannibals

Following the Orlando massacre, the media took to acquainting us with a number of Muslims who are also homosexuals. As an ex-Muslim living in a Muslim country, my mind flashed an error. Putting the hadiths aside, which clearly order gays killed, the Quran states homosexuality is a vile act in one chapter and in another... Continue Reading →

Problematic Quranic Verses

The Quran is a a work of literature not a scientific text, literary works derive their value and meaning from their comprehension by humans, unlike scientific texts which state their value through the verifiable facts contained within their words or acknowledge that a certain hypothesis is not yet proven correct. It is true some Quranic... Continue Reading →

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