Sick of terrorism, Copts convert to Islam to experience its peace

In the wake of the latest terrorist attack on Egyptian Copts, where gunmen stopped their vehicle, ordered them out, and executed them on site, dozens of Copts have converted to Islam hoping to experience the Islamic peacefulness and tolerance they have always heard about but never witnessed.  

“It was time we got a taste of that sweet Islamic peace,” M.K.L. told our reporter minutes after performing his first Asr prayer, “it feels really good, Muslims are now accepting of my beliefs and I’m free to pray wherever and whenever I want, we can even build new mosques with great ease, as a Christian, I couldn’t do that,” he added with a look that either reflected satisfaction or faked it.

But being a Muslim does not mean full protection from Islamic terrorism. The Takfiri ideology justifies labeling Muslims who don’t practice Islam strictly, according to particular fundamentalist texts, as infidels and allows killing them. For now, however, these new Muslims are enjoying some peace of mind, and you can tell they needed it. 

The Voodoo of fighting terrorism while cradling Islamism 

Following every terror attack in Egypt, secularists, myself included, engage in long conversations on the necessity of combating Islamist ideologies [Islam as a religion and constitution] for the sake of our country’s national security. We also urge the state to allow Muslim reformers to speak freely without fear of getting thrown in jail and to prevent government senior officials, especially in the ministry of Islamic affairs and Al-Azhar, from promoting extremist, fundamentalist, and Islamist ideas. High on adrenaline, we tend to forget that most Muslims in Egypt actually put Islam high above the Egyptian state: they are Muslims living in Egypt not Egyptians who believe in Islam. It is one of the reasons why some Europeans are rightly concerned about the increasing numbers of Muslims in Europe alongside declining birth rates. Islam, unlike Christianity now, supersedes the state. Sharia courts and FGM in England come to mind.

Islamists in Egypt, including the ones in the government and Al-Azhar and Salafists, hold great sway over the minds of Muslims, particularly younger ones. Islamism gives these men of God the moral and executive authority to mobilize millions of youths towards a particular goal should the situation arise and the need for action is true enough. If Sisi challenges the core ideas that enables Islamists to control Egyptian Muslims without a meticulously calculated plan implemented incrementally, the outcome can be devastating for him and Egypt. Islamists will not watch helplessly as the rug is pulled from under their feet and the authority they worked years to achieve evaporates. Sisi is surely well aware of what happened when Saddam Hussein and his party tried secularizing Iraq in an economy much better than Egypt’s. Islamists have the know-how and texts to label him an enemy of Islam if they sense he is sincere about delegitimizing the authority they derive from the interpretation of Islam they promote, preach, and write literature for; they also have the capability to turn millions of youths against him and Christians, like some of them do now but on a mass scale. It is delusional, for example, to think that Salafists believe in anything but an Islamic State, they are just currently relaxed because the government allows them to freely, absolutely freely, propagate the ideas ISIS is putting into action and instill them in the minds of children.

Islam Beheiry, who had been jailed for criticizing extremist interpretations of the Quran and Hadith, says Al-Azhar University’s curricula must be updated to remove all hard-line stipulations derived from the Quran and Hadith such as the ones on fighting infidels and hating non-Muslims or discriminating against them. According to Beheiry, former head of Al-Azhar Mohamed Sayed Tantawi had actually taken this step before the current Grand Imam Ahmed Eltayeb rescinded it. Sisi, on more than one occasion, called on Al-Azhar scholars to actively combat extremist texts, not Islamism, but was met with deaf ears time and time again. And while it is true that Sisi’s authority is unchecked and he can pretty much get away with anything, when it comes to religion, if his vision of reforming and modernizing Islam, which neither denotes nor connotes rejecting the principle of Islam as a religion and state constitution, is not fully aligned with the Islamists and Salafists inside and outside his government he can find himself up against a volcano of terrorism and disobedience.

Taking small but real and effective steps, and cementing them, towards a secular Egypt is the only viable way. Sisi, however, still seems reluctant to take it. Sisi and many Egyptians seem to think terrorism can be fought without challenging Islamism, but if the statement Islam is a religion and state constitution is true, does it not follow that Men of God should rule or fight until power is in their hands?!!

Turning political tricks: Saudi Arabia does not represent Islamic sharia

I have argued before that no one exclusively represents Islam because religion is a set of ideas enacted by those who believe in them. Recently, I have been seeing Islamists in the United States and Europe making the point that Saudi Arabia is not necessarily the embodiment of Islamic sharia and that sharia can be interpreted to suit this day and age. While this is somehow true and kind of possible, it deceivingly and maliciously misses the greatest problem with Islamic sharia, which is Islamic sharia itself.

Once a moderate group who rules according to sharia is in power, it will be instantly challenged by another group with a harsher interpretation of god’s word, because guess what, extremists exist, and the more extreme they get the more intolerant of other views they become, remember how ISIS dethroned Al-Qaida and became the new kings of evil? The point is not whether sharia can be modern, the point is sharia is theocracy, plain and simple. It’s disturbing to see liberals acknowledging the rule of Islam as people’s culture that must be accepted and respected, because Islam does not rule, god’s men rule through exploiting Islam.


There is no one “true” Islam

Ideas do not exist outside of our minds, that’s the difference between ideas and physical objects, an idea is what you make of it. With basic ideas things are relatively simple. As hundreds of main, secondary, and sub-secondary concepts are combined to form a belief system -with ambiguous and undefined sentences, words, and entities- each individual brain believing in said system becomes, more or less, one meaning of it, manifested in the individual’s interpretation of it and their actions that are influenced by it. Once a group of people has based a justification for terrorism on Islam, a violent manifestation of Islam has materialized. There is no use defending Islam against violence, we can only cut the arteries feeding the mad manifestation by publicly challenging the logic that led to its birth and introducing new interpretations.

People of faith are angered by atheists because when you stop believing in an idea you literally take away a part from its existence. Believers are then forced to debate in favor of the existence of their beliefs or, sometimes, take extreme measures, like Islamic terrorists. Indeed, in the mind of Nice’s psychopath, the hell he had unleashed is a manifestation of his ideas; he brought his ideas to life; into the realm of existence. One can also look at ISIS as a successful materialization of hell on earth for non-believers and sinners as defined by the ideas of ISIS.

There is no such thing as true Islam. When you pick up the book(s) of Islam and begin reading them/it you begin writing a new understanding of Islam, if you become a Muslim you become a new method for believing in and applying Islam.

Even the choice of the books and texts you will count as Islamic and the ones you will dismiss plays a part in what Islam you will understand or become.

With religions, ideas are sacred and are worth dying for in holy wars. There is no compromise.

Is there a manifestation of Islam somewhere that truly calls for tolerance of others without Taqqiyah? We should find and promote that Islam. Or make it.

Unchallenged Islam and the cloud of terror

Muslims have suspended history. The main ideas dictating their morals and behavior, and the foundations of their belief system, were never challenged publicly in Muslim countries, official representatives of the religious institution, preachers, and even ordinary citizens do not allow it. Texts, audios, and videos attempting to oppose or reread Islam’s main or secondary concepts and regulations are often, effectively, banned from circulating between people. Terrorists are not isolated elements in the Muslim community, they represent the far end, from that end to the middle you will find Muslims believing in ideas circling Takfirism to less extreme degrees, like Muslims who think now is not the time for establishing the Islamic state or Muslims who don’t condone terrorism but sympathize with its motives.

Takfirism: A radical approach to Islam by which Muslims who profess to believe in Islam but don’t follow the takfirists’ way are labeled infidels and become fair game to be blown up in pursuit of the caliphate or Islamic supremacy through terror.  

Muslims with the understanding that only a flourishing love for sciences and a booming economy can achieve prosperity for the Muslim world exist, but these Muslims are neither popular nor active enough, and Muslim youths would not find a science and economy discourse as attractive as the one with jihad against a well-defined enemy and gorgeous chicks in heaven.

After every terrorist attack by Muslims, mainstream western media begins appeasing Muslims and Islamists via the routine the-terrorists-were-not-really-Muslims articles, just a bunch of rogue elements from the Muslim world. This is not true because a dominant ideology in a group of people, including its extreme ends, exists in a spectrum or a cloud, not single, separated nodes. For example, in a society of Muslims, it is not one person loves music and life and the individual just next to him on the scale towards the extremist terrorist is a terrorist. Beliefs in a peaceful Islam and a terrorist Islam have a big blurred border.

When ideas conducive to terrorism are shielded from criticism they become more rancid and cancerous. Promoting moderate Islam as a counter-terrorism method is absolutely useless if not meaningless, how would you sell your version of Islam to extremists with the dogmatic conviction that they understand what Islam is and think their interpretation is the correct one? You cannot, not without challenging, deconstructing, and disintegrating their ideas, otherwise they will disintegrate us. And challenging the books of terrorism is not enough, Islam itself, as a religion and state, must be subjected to challenge, like Christianity is. Challenge will lead to skepticism and skepticism curbs extremism.

Instead of discussing whether or not we should kill infidels, apostates, and gays, we should discuss what is Allah, what is mercy, what is good, and what is evil, discussion means less absolutes means less negative motivation means less explosions.

Muslims suffer radical Islam almost weekly.

But no, the media doesn’t want to offend Muslims, or provoke Muslims? fearing a Charlie Hebdo? Have we been taken hostages by the religion of peace?


Muslim Homosexuals and Vegan Cannibals

Following the Orlando massacre, the media took to acquainting us with a number of Muslims who are also homosexuals. As an ex-Muslim living in a Muslim country, my mind flashed an error. Putting the hadiths aside, which clearly order gays killed, the Quran states homosexuality is a vile act in one chapter and in another says extramarital sexual relations are banned and punishable by stoning or lashing, depending on the marital status of the fuckers. So, do Muslim fagots read the Quran and think it allows gay marriage?

Muslims are hostile towards Muslims who see no contradiction between homosexuality and Islam because they view this claim, and rightly so, as a corruption of their faith.

Muslims still take the Quran literally.  

Now, why would a gay person living in a country where homosexuality is tolerated still retain their Muslim identity? It could be because it’s never easy to leave a religion, fear of hell, or it could be that Muslim homosexuals, somehow, despite being fagots, still think they were born into the only right religion and are still going to heaven with the chosen group, somehow.

I can not take these guys seriously.

The Perversion of Religion’s Potential for Serenity at the Hands of Islamists

Say what you want about religion, it gives people peace of mind. The mystery of death is solved and you always have the backing of the most powerful being in the universe; your blesses are gifts and your miseries are tests to pave the way for future blisses. But what happens when religion stops providing that sense of comfort and replaces it with fear and anxiety?

A few days ago, a woman extremely dear to me, who has spent eighty years devoutly worshiping God and inflicting no intentional harm on anyone, cried when she felt her sickness becoming terminal and realized her health is steadily declining. She was scared of meeting her marker; this is the opposite of a deathbed conversion.  

People can tell when their demise is looming over their heads, it is why older folks adhere more strictly to religious codes, a thirty-year-old playboy is usually a pious mosque frequenter by the age of fifty, sometimes even annoyingly preachy. Atheists and their questions discomfort believers because they sow doubt into a soil that gives life to a needed sense of certainty and moral power, and Islamists and men of God getting paid to appear on T.V. and write books are doing something similar.

Breaking Bad attracted millions of viewers worldwide because of how grey it was, its drama was masterfully nuanced, people like a good drama. The God in the rhetoric of Muslim preachers is a grey God, he demands abiding by very strict and well-defined rules that must regulate your daily life. These rules are, of course, stipulated by the men of God themselves based on their interpretations of others’ ancient interpretations of the Quran and hadith. And to keep suspense alive, they tell you winning heaven is never guaranteed, God’s evaluation methods are mysterious. For example, one grain of vanity in your heart denies you heaven, so you are always worried contemplating what differentiates vanity from pride, what constitutes one grain of vanity, and what did prophet Muhammad mean by vanity 1400 years ago. You are always asking them seeking answers for ridiculous problems they have created or at least have taken no action to dismiss, deeper and deeper into their culture and discourse rabbit holes.  

My favorite fatwa, by far, is that you must never enter the bathroom with your left leg because some devils live there and entering with your left leg excites or provokes them.

Modern preachers of Islam – and their Christian counterparts- need you to want to buy their books and see their shows so they can get paid through ads. They hook you by eliminating the certainty and simplicity of religion possible through some interpretations of the Quran and blocking other discourses to impose theirs. Ironically, people have forgotten that the essence of religion is purveying a mental state of comfort achieved by certainty and simplicity, not constant worrying about minutia and fearing a possible unexpected hell.

When Islamists are not complicating simple matters and setting guidelines for the simplest of routines, they are raising generations of bigots and extremists.

A God willing to eternally burn good people in hell merely for not believing in him is dark and mercurial at best and a psychopathic narcissist at worst; he cannot be trusted; he is only feared.

What God seeks the fright of mortal men?