On the sidelines of bashing the Islamofascist Egyptian government

In a private sector company somewhere, on a comfortable chair before a fast computer, sits a man in his late fifties with grey short hair bitching about how President Sisi is driving Egypt aground. This man has two jobs, he’s a senior editor at said private company and a journalist at a government-run newspaper where... Continue Reading →


Terrorists offer to let Copts experience bombs-free Christmas if they pay Jizya

In a gesture of pure Islamic Tolerance(c) and understanding, a group of terrorists in Egypt has promised not to bomb any churches this year on Christmas Eve, demanding instead that Copts pay 150 kilos of gold as Jizya for the fiscal year 2017. “Times change, blood and body parts are very disturbing and so 1990s,... Continue Reading →

Beware of a social drug called victimhood

After finishing House of Cards season 5, I have been thinking about power. Were the protesters of January 25 powerful? Yes, they brought about change. Was this power meaningful? No, it was chaotic. Meaning always vanquishes lack of meaning, which is why the Muslim Brotherhood took over that revolution with ease, they had a clear... Continue Reading →

What do the Muslim Brothers belong to?

What do the Muslim Brothers and Sisters belong to? Certainly not to Egypt, at least not as it is. Although they have made great steps towards the Egypt they seek - Islamic wear, widespread Islamic bigotry, revival of the Islamic supremacy dream- it is still not a place they would call home, to this day... Continue Reading →

The Saudi Party In Egypt

There is a creeping sense of loyalty to Saudi Arabia in the words of some Egyptians fascinated by the Saudi experiment, or what they perceive is the Saudi experiment, or experience. They seem to confuse the divinity of the holy place known as Kaaba with the country built around it, some even proclaim the oil... Continue Reading →

What about your first meaningful statement?

There is a proclivity for vagueness in some contemporary Arabic texts, it is not unusual to come across unpunctuated paragraphs in documents written by lawyers. Mind clogging redundancy and excessive use of synonyms are dominant traits in various texts in modern spoken and written Arabic. When president Sisi promised reformation of religious discourse he did... Continue Reading →

The power of words: Haram

Haram, adj./noun: Prohibited in Islam Halal, adj./noun: Allowed in Islam Up until the early seventies, Egyptians were not used to inserting the words haram and halal in every minute activity of their lives. They lived with a version of Islam that embraced modern life while providing the spiritual bliss, moral support, and wisdoms needed from... Continue Reading →

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