Two Dreams

I buy some audio accessories and a dominoes clock that has to be adjusted every minute to tell time correctly from a thrift shop, Sayed Elqemni (an Egyptian secular author) is there buying some books. Yuness (a friend of mine) runs into me in the shop and we walk together for a while. I then... Continue Reading →



The son of a bitch demon is spewing blood all over the room, the possessed girl’s blood, her heartbeat is accelerating and the doctor is sweating, he is barely conscious, I will make you rape your own mothers you vile mortals, the demon said. The room darkens, we begin smelling burning flesh, the demon is... Continue Reading →

Project-based companies in Egypt

I currently work for a company in Cairo that creates content for big corporations. We make videos, websites, and info graphs and write articles and news stories for multinational companies that include Google Middle East. Employees sign no contracts here, so there is no health insurance and no provable experience, but you do learn a... Continue Reading →

The Middle Me

I was a weak, shy boy until the age of thirteen. I used to turn the other cheek pretending I was mature, a no trouble guy, when in fact I was scared shitless to confront my peers. Puberty hit and I became quite strong and big, my mates were intimidated by my body, I also... Continue Reading →

Beware of a social drug called victimhood

After finishing House of Cards season 5, I have been thinking about power. Were the protesters of January 25 powerful? Yes, they brought about change. Was this power meaningful? No, it was chaotic. Meaning always vanquishes lack of meaning, which is why the Muslim Brotherhood took over that revolution with ease, they had a clear... Continue Reading →


"Your clothes smell terrible, don't wash 'em with ours," her mother told her. Rosa was short and slightly overweight, her mother gave her bad genes and a loveless upbringing. She woke up to a cloudy morning on one of January's Sundays, it was cold without a sun. She sat on her bed, conscious of her... Continue Reading →

On love

- What is love if not ownership? How can you love someone you don't own? - You love their company, their voice. - So love is a rented collection of experiences? - Our lives are rented experiences. - Yes, that's why love must be ownership, it is the one experience we can actually have in... Continue Reading →

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