How the mere existence of the Western civilization justifies Islamic Jihad

Islamists are at war with the Western world - read actual war as in a justification for waging jihad- because the principles of modern Europe and America threaten to undermine and change the world and culture that make Islamism reasonable. For example, women in Islam inherit half what men do because males in Muslim majority-countries... Continue Reading →


Why Saudi Arabia fears Iran

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran and Shiites worldwide, is able to hold power over followers of Shiite Islam wherever they are on this earth because he acts like the popes of Europe in the Middle Ages. Khamenei is the sole representative of the Awaited Mahdi. Mahdi is a Jesus-like figure in Shiite Islam... Continue Reading →

Did you pet a tiger in Thailand?

After returning from a business trip to Thailand, a friend of mine showed me pictures of himself petting a massive Bengal tiger and grabbing its tail. This is the same guy who wouldn’t dare touch one of my tiny house cats because he knows they might give him a taste of their claws or fangs,... Continue Reading →

Two Dreams

I buy some audio accessories and a dominoes clock that has to be adjusted every minute to tell time correctly from a thrift shop, Sayed Elqemni (an Egyptian secular author) is there buying some books. Yuness (a friend of mine) runs into me in the shop and we walk together for a while. I then... Continue Reading →


The son of a bitch demon is spewing blood all over the room, the possessed girl’s blood, her heartbeat is accelerating and the doctor is sweating, he is barely conscious, I will make you rape your own mothers you vile mortals, the demon said. The room darkens, we begin smelling burning flesh, the demon is... Continue Reading →

Project-based companies in Egypt

I currently work for a company in Cairo that creates content for big corporations. We make videos, websites, and info graphs and write articles and news stories for multinational companies that include Google Middle East. Employees sign no contracts here, so there is no health insurance and no provable experience, but you do learn a... Continue Reading →

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