A kind of Horror

Another man would have devoured her, torn her clothes off and surged through her flesh, but not Mr. Nadi. On a Thursday night, he takes her out to buy the newspaper. Before they leave, he spends a minute to check if his hair and mustache look good, they don't, they are crimes against humanity, think... Continue Reading →


Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali shatters the liberal illusion

More than any other critic of Islam, liberals really cannot stand Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Because she’s a woman.
She’s an ex-Muslim, now apostate.
She’s a Somali refugee.
She’s university educated.
And she’s also black.

She shatters every single illusion of the worldview promoted by the vocal, metropolitan, liberal elite running amok in our Western societies. That worldview claims that “Islamophobes” (translation: anyone who dares to criticise Islam) are white, working-class men who are uneducated and from predominantly Christian countries in the West.

It’s why, for example, a photo of Birmingham-Pakistani girl Saffiyah Khan apparently confronting a bald, white EDL protestor last weekend went viral. For liberals, this was propaganda of a ‘Category A’ variety and reinforced every stereotype they want you to believe. For anyone who watched the full video and subsequently investigated Khan’s Facebook page, you’ll know what a complete media stitch-up that whole episode was.

The truth…

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why a state of emergency is not the solution

hakawi from the east - حكاوى من الشرق

Presidential decree with state of emergency

Not even a week after President Sisi’s ‘successful trip’ to the US in which he met with his biggest fan the new US president, the church bombings occurred. As usual, the Orthodox Church had called on its people in New Jersey and New York to go greet Sisi on the streets with flags as a show of support – which they did.

President Sisi did not make an immediate statement following the Palm Sunday attacks but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the absurd statement that ‘this is a failed attempt at striking Egypt.’ In addition, the prime minister announced a three-day mourning period. By evening, the president ordered the military to ‘help police’ secure vital infrastructure in the country. The following day, April 10th, at 1pm, the president appeared on TV and declared a state of emergency [martial law]  for three months, contrary to…

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A man and a widow came to play I was in a hurry  I couldn't stay At least wait until the game starts  He said And showed me two black and white cards The one you pick is a gift for you The other, will curse us forever  I see no game I said confused... Continue Reading →

Dreams Are Due

As I close my eyes, my powers that be I leave to you Live life free and run the fields The sun is yours, your earn everyday Yours and yours alone, others blind to see So kiss the red of her cheeks And venture in your way "Set shadows afire," She says "They also fear... Continue Reading →

Religion 2.0

I asked an atheist friend of mine if she missed religion. this is her translated answer.   Like all apostates, I missed a lot of things after abandoning religion. But the vogue religion left in my life did not get bigger and did not continue to deject me, even though I wasn't deliberately working on... Continue Reading →

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