Muslim scholar: Churches are a threat to Christians and Muslims 

Egyptian Sheikh Zambola Kelot has said that churches endanger the lives of both Christians and Muslims because they drive Muslims to do crazy shit like stabbing Christians or setting the churches afire.   “I’m speaking out of concern for Egyptian Copts, the sight of churches, particularly the crosses atop of them, is like a kick... Continue Reading →


Leaked emails show Michelle talked Obama out of disintegrating Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte

A recent exchange of emails between First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, posted by wikileaks today, details how Obama had come close to kidnapping and smashing Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte into pieces over his insolent speech. Under operation Behave, Duterte would have been abducted by a Special Forces unit to be atomically destroyed... Continue Reading →

ISIS terrorists to write for Huffington Arabi as the news portal pushes for extreme freedom of expression

In an eccentric and suspicious move towards Total Freedom of Expression (TFE), Huffington Arabi has started running articles written by ISIS jihadi journalists. The articles promote the ideology of ISIS and offer detailed guides for innovatively killing those you disagree with. "We are liberals, liberals is what we are, we believe in listening and understanding... Continue Reading →

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