On love

- What is love if not ownership? How can you love someone you don't own? - You love their company, their voice. - So love is a rented collection of experiences? - Our lives are rented experiences. - Yes, that's why love must be ownership, it is the one experience we can actually have in... Continue Reading →


Religion 2.0

I asked an atheist friend of mine if she missed religion. this is her translated answer.   Like all apostates, I missed a lot of things after abandoning religion. But the vogue religion left in my life did not get bigger and did not continue to deject me, even though I wasn't deliberately working on... Continue Reading →

Whores not pornstars

There is a not-so-subtle trend in the American media, particularly YouTube, that promotes porn stars as actresses and models to be interviewed and join shows. Since the American media is accessible not just to Americans but millions of English speakers from all over the world, I find the euphemism "pornstar" deceptive. If children and teenage... Continue Reading →

Religion is prone to become an ideology

One of the main purposes religions serve is providing certainty. The Quran says believing in god and following Islam are how the soul can be calm and peaceful. Religion answers all questions about what’s uncertain beyond death with absolute certainty, and by doing so, it flirts with how ideologies behave. People need religion to rid... Continue Reading →

Army bad, Islamists cool

The Egyptian Army has a monopoly on our economy, and as a consumer I can say the economy is not doing well and services are relatively cheap but appalling. Yet, I find it impossible to understand leftists who repeat that rhetoric while deliberately ignoring or downplaying the threat of Islamists who make up a big... Continue Reading →

Candid: The next attempt in information control

Facebook and other social networks are invaluable to intelligence agencies. Using the right text analysis software while employing teams of translators opens the gate to torrents of information ranging from flirtations to political dissent in users’ posts, replies, chats, and reactions. It is ludicrous to think the CIA would allow anything to obstruct any possible... Continue Reading →


No matter what, English remains a foreign language, talking and writing about stories or events that took place in Egypt in English always feels weird, seems pretentious, fake, but it's alright, most people pretend and play characters all the time, we play so many characters it takes some effort to know ourselves without the masks.... Continue Reading →

The Foreigner

In Nightcrawler, we sympathize with the protagonist because we cannot morally grandstand over his actions, we eat his work, we love gory news and seek horrific pictures and videos of accidents and murders, sometimes even without stories, see the subreddit WTF. Some do it to justify being extremely careful while adventurers do it to affirm... Continue Reading →

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