Different Prayers

It’s 1PM, you’re at work and the kitchen is closed off and guarded by the two office boys. Inside, a Muslim girl is performing Duhr prayer. I’m fine with that, however, I couldn’t help but think of my fellow Christian citizens. Officially, Egypt is not a state that blatantly discriminates against Christians, even though expression... Continue Reading →


We work till 4 in the morning because we fast during the day, and we use hammers

One hit with echo, hammer on nail in wood, followed by a stronger pounding, a bigger hammer demolishing rocks, the school is being rejuvenated. Muslim construction workers can’t eat or drink during Ramadan’s day, working without water under Egypt’s desert sun is beyond slavery, that said, other people who have jobs in the morning are... Continue Reading →

Arabs’ problem with the material world

It wasn’t philosophy that killed religion, it was science, precise, cold science. Before the discipline of Biology was established, if a man were to ask a priest how a virgin could get pregnant the priest could easily answer it’s a miracle beyond the material world. Prior to physics, chemistry, and biology, the material world was... Continue Reading →

Saudi FM: Qatar must only support Sunni extremism

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair has stressed that Qatar must stick to funding moderate Sunni extremism and abandon financing fanatical Shiite terror. “Have we supported Sunni terrorists? Yes, but why?  We stood by Sunni terror to combat evil Shiite extremism, Iran is the country that began using terror, we are only responding, now, Qatar... Continue Reading →

Ego-driven hard work

If you work for a company or a corporation, sometimes it’s hard to justify working hard and being committed using your conscience, it may not be in your principles to be loyal to the entity you work for, however, something deep inside fuels a will to work hard and be committed, you don’t know where... Continue Reading →

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