How the mere existence of the Western civilization justifies Islamic Jihad

Islamists are at war with the Western world - read actual war as in a justification for waging jihad- because the principles of modern Europe and America threaten to undermine and change the world and culture that make Islamism reasonable. For example, women in Islam inherit half what men do because males in Muslim majority-countries... Continue Reading →


Beyond The Racist White Male

In an interview with Joe Rogan, firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos said Islam will not have its era of enlightenment. Since I speak English, I can look past the few Europeans and Americans with racist views on Arab Muslims and see the legitimate concerns some westerners have regarding the Muslim world's ability to live in harmony with... Continue Reading →

Apathy in Egypt’s Political Landscape

The prices are rising beyond the reach of an increasing number of Egyptians, jobs are a few and those who provide them exploit the crippling unemployment by paying less for more working hours, takfiri thoughts are spreading unchecked and the state is doing nothing to combat them, policemen are disrespectful towards citizens and the youth... Continue Reading →

Islamosocialism in Egypt

The list of why leftists hated and revolted against Mubarak goes as follows:- systemized corruption, appalling education, terrible services, normalized favoritism and nepotism, and a vicious oligarchy. All of which Mubarak is guilty of, but he is also guilty of fostering the Islamosocialism ideology and lifestyle. Throughout his thirty years in power, socialists, read most... Continue Reading →

Candid: The next attempt in information control

Facebook and other social networks are invaluable to intelligence agencies. Using the right text analysis software while employing teams of translators opens the gate to torrents of information ranging from flirtations to political dissent in users’ posts, replies, chats, and reactions. It is ludicrous to think the CIA would allow anything to obstruct any possible... Continue Reading →

The Foreigner

In Nightcrawler, we sympathize with the protagonist because we cannot morally grandstand over his actions, we eat his work, we love gory news and seek horrific pictures and videos of accidents and murders, sometimes even without stories, see the subreddit WTF. Some do it to justify being extremely careful while adventurers do it to affirm... Continue Reading →

Hijab is a girl’s right: Fabricating a lie 

In the ongoing theme of Islamists exploiting liberal principles to further regressive cultural disciplines, hijab is now a girl’s right to dress whatever she wants; her personal choice that should be respected. I don't know the exact number, but I assume, from anecdotal evidence, that thousands of girls in Middle Eastern Muslim families are forced,... Continue Reading →

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