A kind of Horror

Another man would have devoured her, torn her clothes off and surged through her flesh, but not Mr. Nadi. On a Thursday night, he takes her out to buy the newspaper. Before they leave, he spends a minute to check if his hair and mustache look good, they don't, they are crimes against humanity, think... Continue Reading →


I’m not gay (explicit)

- Where am I? And who are you? - You are where you pay for your sins. -What? Untie me now. - Soon, but first, tell me Mr. Sexy, why do you dress like a woman? -WHAT? - Why do you intentionally confuse good straight men and make them lust after your body by dressing... Continue Reading →

Routine Deviation 

One yellow lamp barely lights half the room, a small T.V. is playing a soap opera. They are sitting on the couch. - Do I have to kill you right now? - What? - I mean if I did, it would be god’s will, right? Nothing happens outside of his will. - Did you eat... Continue Reading →

Nola (explicit)

Nola got back from work to her father and brother watching a game and her mother cooking. -How was your day honey. Her father asked. -Great, dad. -Mastered Excel yet? -No, dad I left that job 4 months ago. Nola hurried to the bathroom and took off her clothes, her head scarf, her tight long-sleeve... Continue Reading →


-How many heads today? -Seven, we shouldn’t have killed that blonde girl, she was gorgeous. -You're in it for the women, aren't you? -You know how loyal I am to Irakeem. -She killed almost one hundred of our brothers. -Is there not a chance for repentance? -Have you smoked too much hashish? -I can't get... Continue Reading →


Back home, my castle of silence, I put my keys and cigarettes on a small table by the door and turn the lights on. It's 3:20 AM, I can feel him around. I play random episodes from The Office to distract myself but his presence grows stronger, he's here. He begins his little game, a... Continue Reading →

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