On the sidelines of bashing the Islamofascist Egyptian government

In a private sector company somewhere, on a comfortable chair before a fast computer, sits a man in his late fifties with grey short hair bitching about how President Sisi is driving Egypt aground. This man has two jobs, he’s a senior editor at said private company and a journalist at a government-run newspaper where... Continue Reading →


Terrorists offer to let Copts experience bombs-free Christmas if they pay Jizya

In a gesture of pure Islamic Tolerance(c) and understanding, a group of terrorists in Egypt has promised not to bomb any churches this year on Christmas Eve, demanding instead that Copts pay 150 kilos of gold as Jizya for the fiscal year 2017. “Times change, blood and body parts are very disturbing and so 1990s,... Continue Reading →

Project-based companies in Egypt

I currently work for a company in Cairo that creates content for big corporations. We make videos, websites, and info graphs and write articles and news stories for multinational companies that include Google Middle East. Employees sign no contracts here, so there is no health insurance and no provable experience, but you do learn a... Continue Reading →

Islamosocialism in Egypt

The list of why leftists hated and revolted against Mubarak goes as follows:- systemized corruption, appalling education, terrible services, normalized favoritism and nepotism, and a vicious oligarchy. All of which Mubarak is guilty of, but he is also guilty of fostering the Islamosocialism ideology and lifestyle. Throughout his thirty years in power, socialists, read most... Continue Reading →

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