Oppressive religious states serve Satan

It’s not easy being an atheist in a religious country. People treat you like a snake, there to corrupt their faith with doubt and derail their children from the path of god. They instinctively want to silence and banish you, if you’re lucky. Of course Al Jazeera will not make a short video about the... Continue Reading →


Saudi FM: Qatar must only support Sunni extremism

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair has stressed that Qatar must stick to funding moderate Sunni extremism and abandon financing fanatical Shiite terror. “Have we supported Sunni terrorists? Yes, but why?  We stood by Sunni terror to combat evil Shiite extremism, Iran is the country that began using terror, we are only responding, now, Qatar... Continue Reading →

The Girl, The Mirror

I woke up Friday morning to my friend pounding my door, he tried calling but I was asleep. I let him in and prepared breakfast. “I have been thinking all this past week,” he lit a cigarette, “I think I know why I mistreated her, I think I now understand why I lost her,” he... Continue Reading →

Ego-driven hard work

If you work for a company or a corporation, sometimes it’s hard to justify working hard and being committed using your conscience, it may not be in your principles to be loyal to the entity you work for, however, something deep inside fuels a will to work hard and be committed, you don’t know where... Continue Reading →

Mental Dildos

Our parents didn’t know we spent Thursdays with Doctor Scary at his home watching horror movies, they wouldn’t have approved. He gave us his name many times but it never stuck, so we called him Doctor Scary. I have known him my entire life but I don’t know how I came to know him. Back... Continue Reading →

Why Saudi Arabia fears Iran

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran and Shiites worldwide, is able to hold power over followers of Shiite Islam wherever they are on this earth because he acts like the popes of Europe in the Middle Ages. Khamenei is the sole representative of the Awaited Mahdi. Mahdi is a Jesus-like figure in Shiite Islam... Continue Reading →

Did you pet a tiger in Thailand?

After returning from a business trip to Thailand, a friend of mine showed me pictures of himself petting a massive Bengal tiger and grabbing its tail. This is the same guy who wouldn’t dare touch one of my tiny house cats because he knows they might give him a taste of their claws or fangs,... Continue Reading →

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