As an atheist growing up in Egypt I didn’t like or approve of many things happening around me. I was frustrated and disappointed for some time until I learned about the butterfly effect and how minuscule changes can eventually lead to bigger changes, this blog is my attempt to make a tiny change.


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  1. After partially reading and then skimming over the rest of your blog, I am compelled to leave this comment, albeit with a certain degree of trepidation. I feel as if I have just been taken on a tour of the innermost recesses of your mind, which is a credit to your considerable writing skills. Beyond that, I also feel as if I have been heavily drugged against my will. Not because of your writing skills, but instead because of the realization that you are truly one of the most conflicted and tortured minds I have ever examined. Psychosis is always much more dangerous when it is combined with a high degree of intellect, which you obviously possess. Perhaps this statement serves as an answer to the troubling question you have long asked yourself, or maybe it is merely a confirmation of what you already believe to be true; in either case, the answer is the same. I suspect you well know that what I say is true.

    My words are not meant to insult nor to provoke, as I said, I simply felt compelled to respond. I offer you no solutions, no comfort, nor do I suppose that you seek any. Instead, I offer you my sympathy, as I know you must suffer tremendously to cope with the daily struggles you endure.

    In closing, I must admit that I can not find the words to properly express any further thoughts. I thank you for this opportunity to “take pictures of you without your permission”, I will reluctantly place them on a mental shelf and think of Egypt each time I recall them.


      1. C’mon, you are intelligent enough to know the answer to that question…please don’t insult my intelligence. Complete honesty is paramount, wouldn’t you agree?


      2. Paranoia is a classic symptom. Besides that, it is not I who seeks answers, my knowledge is full and complete. You made that possible by your own hand. Maybe you should relax and reconsider your approach, do you not recognize a rare opportunity when you see one?


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