How the mere existence of the Western civilization justifies Islamic Jihad

Islamists are at war with the Western world – read actual war as in a justification for waging jihad- because the principles of modern Europe and America threaten to undermine and change the world and culture that make Islamism reasonable. For example, women in Islam inherit half what men do because males in Muslim majority-countries like Egypt have more financial obligations in marriage. Men still have to provide the house and most of the furniture, husbands whose wives make more than they do are looked down upon as less-manly and derogatorily called the “women’s husbands”. The western world comes along with a different model of living and challenges Islamism, an increasing number of women there are richer than men, so the justification for them inheriting half what men do becomes obsolete, now keep in mind that Islam is the absolute word of god, its rules are supposed to be eternally beneficial, yet the West is challenging that claim and it has built a superior and more powerful model of living that not only defies the validity of Islam’s rules but offers better alternatives to the conditions that give life to that validity as well. Inheritance is really a minute example, the West thrives by – not despite of- embracing criticism of religion, sexual freedom, philosophy, and unrestrained arts and literature, elements that stand against Islamism and the conditions necessary for Islamism to make sense as a way of life. If, like in Western countries, you’re allowed to publicly make valid philosophical arguments against Islam and the morals of Islam – such as the necessity to live by Islam and its rules – you’re directly drilling holes in one of the pillars on which contemporary Islam stands, i.e. limiting the questions posed by the critical mind to the core and fundamental principles of Islam. If a Western society that embraces sexual freedom and anti-religious philosophies – things Islamic culture says are detrimental to a healthy society – and progresses, then the tenets of Islam are existentially threatened. Muslim-majority countries have laws that put you in prison if you publically critique religion for a reason. The West boldly says no, you don’t need to follow Islam, or any other religion, to lead a fulfilling life, gays can be accommodated, science can replace god, and philosophers can obliterate religion as a good way of perceiving the world and inferring morality. It actually doesn’t make sense for Muslims to not be against the West, and it’s why Islamists regard Muslims living a Westernized life as kafirs or, at best, sinners. The claim by Muslim apologists that the Quranic verses on fighting infidels don’t apply now because we are not at war is not absurd, it’s deceptive, what’s absurd is that some Westerners believe it. To contend that Islam [a religion of conquests and a constitution] can exist harmoniously in the West without combating the Western civilization with all its might is to contend that a hyena can raise a cheetah cub.

To Islamists who insist on understanding the Quran literally, the West is Islam’s antimatter.

Islam doesn’t need moderates, it needs modernizers, and they actually exist, they are the millions of Muslims worldwide listening to music and watching movies, American movies no less. They know better than to take the Quran literally, they date, get drunk, have extra-marital sex, and abide by the Western life imposed on the Middle East because the West built the modern city and set the rules for running it and living in it. But that modernized Islam is baseless, it neither has the literature to establish itself as an accepted approach to Islam nor the proper arguments to stand its ground against fundamental Islam. Even though it’s a widely practiced form of Islam, and a great one, any Islamist can easily claim it’s unislamic, because of the literalism debacle we haven’t gotten over yet.

One thing Egyptian leftists fail to mention when they side with Islamists to take down the government is that Islamism is not only a political movement, but a social and an ideological way of life that has managed to entrench itself in the minds of Egyptians in such a way that leftists stand in awe of the monumental achievement Islamists have accomplished in the past few decades. The question of what drives what and which should be dismantled before which, Islamism or dictatorship, is similar to the egg and chicken loop, especially when dictatorships use Islamism. The fact remains though, Islamists cannot be used as an ally or a tool to remove a dictatorship because Islamists are the second most powerful thing after that dictatorship, supported by the people they have meticulously cultivated to follow their creed. Leftists will only be used by Islamists. It’s actually worse than that, Islamism has seeped into the “progressive” left creating radioactive intellectuals who call themselves Islamic-liberals and try to embellish Islamism with liberal decorations like wearing suits or accepting “responsible”, halal freedom of speech and expression.



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