Religion 2.0

I asked an atheist friend of mine if she missed religion. this is her translated answer.


Like all apostates, I missed a lot of things after abandoning religion. But the vogue religion left in my life did not get bigger and did not continue to deject me, even though I wasn’t deliberately working on finding substitutes to what religion offered; modern life provided alternatives. My thirst for well-told stories is easily quenchable with the stream of novels, movies, and T.V. series available at my fingertips complete with communities to discuss their meanings and argue about their themes. There are also communities for various podcasts such as the Last Podcast on the Left and the Joe Rogan Experience that fulfill my need to explore topics not necessarily interesting to those around me, topics in foreign languages in far away societies. The questions we used to seek answers to in religion are now directed towards science, which also has communities dedicated to celebrating it and its frontmen like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins. All the elements that made religion appreciated by people are around us separately and in different forms satisfying the purposes their religious counterparts did. However, such as the case with all radical changes, there is a mutation: divine obligation and the desire for absolute certainty are dropped. We have decided we want our literature and communities without obligating morality tales or self-righteous men telling us how to live our lives. We have also realized that the absolute certainty religion claims is highly questionable and not worth sacrificing the critical mind to maintain. Religion has evolved. Sure, literature and communities have been around since ever, but we weren’t as connected as we are today and communication was never as robust. Our new religion is available to us via a magic portal we carry around in our pockets.


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