5 Movies that did their genres differently

1) Swiss Army Man – Drama/ Adventure

This movie opens with a young man halting his suicide attempt upon finding a corpse that farts, copiously, and it’s the most heartfelt and authentic movie about the human condition I have seen in years. I cannot hint at what it’s about because it can ruin the journey that is watching this movie. Bad writing and acting may have ruined this unusual drama, but they are top notch, and all bodily actions are depicted with style, the ideas discussed are what will actually infiltrate your comfort zone and push you out. This movie sneaks up on you and laughs at the foolishness of our generation.

2) Coherence – SciFi

Another great example that you don’t need a fortune to make an engaging sci fi, just good writing, actors with good chemistry, and one house. It tells the story of a dinner party that only gets weirder and weirder through the beautiful disintegration of a sweet, calm evening into chaos and soured relations. It will rekindle your interest in infinite universes and make you question what’s possible and ask are there any limits? A great mindbender to watch with friends and unravel its secrets together.

3) Sausage Party – Animation/ Comedy

A sausage’s path to finding the truth of his existence. This is one cleverly written massive dick joke straight out of the collective mind of American stoners. It’s not for everyone but if you’re reading this list you’re open to new approaches to ancient topics, funny, pot-inspired approaches.

4) Tucker and Dale vs Evil – Comedy

A subversive comedy involving rednecks and teenagers easily accessible to non-Americans. You will instantly fall in love with Tucker and Dale as they get unwittingly involved in a strange, hilarious battle that will leave you laughing from the heart. The mark of great comedies is creating laughter from extreme human suffering, Tucker and Dale does that, effortlessly, and that’s the beauty of this movie, it just sucks you in and flows in a river of surprises and sharp twists.

5) Safety Not Guaranteed – Drama/(SciFi)

This one is similar to Swiss Army Man in the big picture message being driven, other than that it’s a unique movie that will keep you guessing at it’s very genre till the end, and in doing so you learn something about the main character and a bit of something about yourself. It’s one of those movies that can actually push you to take a step you’ve been avoiding or apologize to someone you’ve wronged or talk to someone you have simply forgotten.


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