We are all hosts in our little worlds

The hosts in Westworld don’t just look like us, we both act according to a set of interconnected codes. We grow up assimilating pieces of codes fed to us by our families and societies in the forms of religions, laws, and regulations for certain places and situations, even etiquette. These codes influence our actions and choices based on our assessment of the different scenarios we play roles in, some people think religiously, others think scientifically, politically, pragmatically, and so on, often it’s the synthesis of two or more codes. Our behavior is always observed by us and others as we become the unique end results of how these codes are interpreted and implemented in our daily lives and long term planning: the way we accept, reject, and alter pieces of these codes shapes our characters. There are also the codes of various disciplines we engage in professionally or recreationally used to produce creative and individualistic works of arts, designs, methods to solve problems, etc.… To some degree we are hosts in our own little worlds.

But we have an advantage, we have the inner eye. Through the inner eye, we can examine the essence and purpose of every piece of code. We also get to form and make changes to how this inner eye perceives the self and its behavior; what we consider good behavior may become bad and good itself can become bad or grey. But it’s never totally under our control, the age-old question of free will, which is a question of whether or not we can truly rise above our programming to get a god’s view of ourselves: reach a full understanding of the different parts of our brains, their functions, contributions to behavior, and how to adjust their attributes: a complete inner eye in action. Only then can we set our minds to achieve whatever we desire. What I’m driving at is that like the hosts we too have the mechanism of evolving beyond the programming ingrained in our minds by the codes passed to us and the ones we infer. Deconstruct, construct.

This may seem exciting and cool but not necessary for everyone, except we’re not in control of our fate, diseases, death, and comets come to mind. Like Robert Ford said, we’re still a peacock eating from the mud, our existence is contingent on circumstances beyond our command. So human-driven evolution is more of a necessity rather than an option. The fight between those who worship gods and those who strive to take steps towards a higher plane of existence will only get more intense. And I think any god would be proud his creatures have made this great journey.



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