Religion is prone to become an ideology

One of the main purposes religions serve is providing certainty. The Quran says believing in god and following Islam are how the soul can be calm and peaceful. Religion answers all questions about what’s uncertain beyond death with absolute certainty, and by doing so, it flirts with how ideologies behave. People need religion to rid skepticism, which causes anxiety, thus it makes sense for people to want more assuredness from religion, not doubt. Men of god happily satisfy this demand by providing more definitive answers to questions about the unknown and known and setting rigid rules for living our lives, via fatwas, to deliver the peace of mind believers seek from religion. Like a snowball, god’s men give believers a sense of serenity through stricter and stricter rules that silence the questions in the believers’ minds and continue to gain their unhinged trust, which later becomes obedience once religion is completely hidden beyond the interpretations and inferences of the sheikhs and priests. Religion then is transformed into an ideology controlled by overlords; a thick, heavy filter on the eyes of believers, just like communism, that drives them to violence, mindless servitude to God’s men – themselves the gods of the new religion they have hidden the original doctrine behind-, or extreme bigotry in the radical stages, which ideologies are bound to go through. And religion ceases to be what the soul transcends to lest it becomes a prisoner of the self.


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