No matter what, English remains a foreign language, talking and writing about stories or events that took place in Egypt in English always feels weird, seems pretentious, fake, but it’s alright, most people pretend and play characters all the time, we play so many characters it takes some effort to know ourselves without the masks. Maybe there is no real self, just true needs and joys. It’s not crazy to think that growing up in a society with language and culture requires every individual to be able to create and/or perform characters. Take religious identities for example, the religious character is not natural, it’s manufactured and imposed on the child during upbringing, yet people live and die for it without any valid idea what the entity they worship is. Or the character who speaks your mother tongue, you did not choose it either, some people even work jobs they didn’t desire and marry partners they never loved due to financial reasons, parental pressure, or any other cause or excuse, because sometimes we want to be steered without engaging our will, it can be comforting. And as we grow up, we begin developing different characters to deal with different people and act in certain situations or places. Even happiness and sadness are characters played within a confined moral and social space, if your emotions are expressed outside of the norm you will gain people’s attention, cross the line and there is either prison or the looney bin, think avenging someone you love illegally or celebrating with drugs. You are to fit in the box if you are to enjoy society’s comforts.


Some people are so clever at creating characters they can improvise a new tailor-made one to interact with someone they have never met before, to reach or achieve something. Perhaps mastering the manufacturing of custom made characters is our essence, each with their own unique engine, capabilities, and limitations. I mean this could be what makes us human, animals can’t create and perform characters, we, on the other hand, are creating new fucking genders, which I would call characters.


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