The Foreigner

In Nightcrawler, we sympathize with the protagonist because we cannot morally grandstand over his actions, we eat his work, we love gory news and seek horrific pictures and videos of accidents and murders, sometimes even without stories, see the subreddit WTF. Some do it to justify being extremely careful while adventurers do it to affirm that life here is extremely random and we’re vulnerable all the time. Gruesome murders are also used to quell sympathy for criminals with harsh sentences and explain the occasional violence against them. Living a foreigner in your own country among your own people makes it easy for you to understand the anti-hero. By foreigner I mean not liking popular movies and music, not enjoying what’s generally accepted as good entertainment, not being turned on by most women, not subscribing to common beliefs and accepted moral guidelines, an outsider looking for pleasures and joys while walking on eggshells around people he does not fully understand and does not know what random thing he will say or do that will offend them. The foreigner can wear the anti-hero’s shoes even if he doesn’t fully condone their actions or morals. Just like Jake, the foreigner cannot fit into society’s models, normal job, normal marriage, live die, either because they want something different or have the potential to undertake jobs good citizens will not near, including illegal ones, he sees society’s dark side and accepts it before hypocrisy mode is activated and society discovers and lynches him. You might even be a working part in one community and an alien in others, we all experience being the foreigner, that’s why movies and books with anti-heroes exist. And many get to play the anti-hero, at least comically, like the single dude making strong arguments against marriage in the form of jokes or a comedian taking religion apart, people love those guys because criticizing the ideas societies see as pillars of existence is so much fun, it breaks down borders and limits, at least in the mind, making us see a life full of possibilities, a life we may get to live one day, outside of the archetypes society chooses for us. Games like Fallout are popular for a reason.



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