Naked Lunch: Do you have a bug problem?

In Naked Lunch, Peter Weller plays a man willing to go as far as it takes to identify the bugs in his mind. The bugs are barriers that shield us from approaching ourselves, doing something we love, or abandoning something we despise, they make us unaware of what we really are or want. Factors that create or influence the bugs include our morals, religions, jobs, social classes, financial situations, proclivities, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, self-esteem, self-perception, and responsibilities towards our societies and families and what they both expect from us. Identifying and turning off some bugs may be very beneficial to an individual especially if their life isn’t going well and they can’t really put their finger on the why.

Some bugs remain hidden, however, for better or worse.

Discovering a bug will often show your attraction to something or repulsion by it. There are some incidents when a bug will be turned off momentarily or for some time. Bugs can be uncovered in many situations and areas:

-When something you usually enjoy doing becomes joyless, this recent lack of interest could be a sign from yourself, it may be your favorite band, writer, sport, or activity, getting used to something familiar to seek comfort is different from wanting or loving it.

-In something out of character you did or said, especially something that’s rude or shocking. Freudian slips are fantastic pointers to bugs. I, on more than one occasion, surprised myself by blatantly telling people what I honestly think after years of hiding my opinion, even from myself, to avoid hurting someone or causing them a discomfort.

-In your joking, your mental playground.

-When you find yourself frequently doing something for hours without planning to do it, before buying my first keyboard I had spent hundreds of hours playing ipad synthesizers, I would start playing and lose any sense of time passing.

-Moments of extreme anger or jubilation can turn off a bug or two, when you’re powerful and motivated during either of these phases your mind may cry for what it wants via words or actions.

-The things or persons you really love or hate without logical reasons may cue you to a thing or a person you want to do something with. The real reason behind hate or love that is shadowed by your false explanation is a bug preventing you from seeing better into yourself. For example, when you hate your successful colleague because he’s better than you or has something you don’t but falsely base the hate on his arrogance, which may not be there. You are better off knowing that you hate your colleague because he’s more clever or richer than you are.

And whatever works for you, I personally find drinking alone opens a gate to my inner self.



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