Beyond WWJD: Overtaking the Egyptian Muslim Critical Mind

Islamists have hijacked the Muslim critical mind. One can argue that the What Would Jesus Do motto undermines the individual’s judgment and character, Egyptian Muslims have gone beyond that. Starting in the seventies, Egyptian Islamists began, brilliantly, with extreme dexterity, convincing Muslims against even asking what would Mohamed do, but rather to ask a sheik to tell them what Mohamed would do. Their method involved:
1- Fear tactics: What if you don’t follow true Islam and keep incurring sins?
2- Employing fundamentalism and literalism: Promoting the idea that early Muslims, including those who leaned towards extremism even in their time, are the best representatives of Islam and their interpretation of it will lead to the rise of Muslims.
3- Mystifying Islam: Claiming that Islam is not simple enough to be understood by laymen and therefore they must be the ones in charge of explaining it to the public.

Islamists also managed to insert religion into all aspects of life via the rebirth of fatwas. Now, you have to ask a sheik to find out if your haircut is haram, if your shirt is haram, if working with infidels is haram, whatever you do has to be approved by a sheik.

This is by no means a very detailed or accurate description of their strategy because what Islamists did with the Muslims of Egypt is nothing short of sorcery. They have cemented Islam as a dogma in the minds of Muslims; a solid immovable rock only they can move. Yet, Muslims believe the version of Islam they currently adopt has nothing in common with the Christianity of Europe’s former Catholic Church. Sorcery.

Before Islamists taught Muslims they need to consult a sheik about the correct way to enter a bathroom, sheiks were not quite revered, now, they are walking Gods. From T.V. Shows and books to influencing politics, the sheiks are everywhere. Unlike Europe, we regressed to the shackles of men in costumes who know what God wants. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists have taken this to levels that border on servitude, other Muslims remain infected with the Sheik Virus, albeit less severely than the Brothers and Salafists, and Islamism remains in control of Egypt even though neither the Brotherhood nor Salafists is ruling.

If you control the mind you control everything.

However, as long as we are we have to fight. We have to challenge their ideas. Of course when we do this we risk prison, like Islam Behiery and possibly Sayed AlQemni, but hey, if you’re gonna die die with blood on your boots.

And we’re all gonna die.

And there is nothing more humiliating than submitting to Islamism.


Sheik: A Muslim cleric and advisor.

Salafists: Muslim fundamentalists.

Haram: Forbidden in Islam.

Islamism: Islam as a religion and constitution for the state.



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