The Adorable Narcissism of some Muslims

This post does not discuss Mohamed Abduh’s thought but the use of his following statement by Muslims.

“I went to the West and saw Islam, but no Muslims; I got back to the East and saw Muslims, but not Islam.”  Muhammad Abduh.
What is the highest level of narcissism? I imagine it’s when your education is a failure, your economy barely makes sense, your contribution to science is non-existent, your contribution to arts is generally mediocre, with some exceptions, and you, somehow, base the success of others on a set of religious principles you are not enacting for some reason. This is what a large number of Muslims think and say these days with the aforementioned statement.

They fail to see life now is more complicated than the life religion was intended for. Philosophy and science have shaped a new world that surpasses religion’s black and white morality, which is not applicable in this day and age. Muslims also misread or ignore methods of progress because they are stuck in an imaginary pursuit of a utopia where Islam rules and is acted upon, which prevents them from genuinely comprehending that science and discipline work and can make our lives better regardless of religion. When a group of people forsake this life for an imagined utopia and an afterlife, science and arts become non-essentials.

The contemporary Muslim mind is, of course, malfunctioning. It looks at the west, explains its success as the enactment of principles suspended by Muslims, and fails to understand that freedom of expression and speech, synthesis, are crucial components to the success of western nations, the freedoms Muslims abhor. Because the sought after Islamic utopia and living this life just to reach an afterlife cloud judgement, like opium.


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