Some Muslim women wear the niqab to avoid being seen or identified by foreign men, foreign men here means all men but their husbands, brothers, and fathers. The Niqab is a sign of a culture that has stopped progressing and revising its main ideas one thousand years ago, a culture that puts women in a place clearly inferior to men. No matter what muslim feminists say, the version of Islam stuck in the past, yet continues to dominate Muslims’ thinking to this day, sees women as and makes them feeble, unequal sex objects that should be protected from the temptations of their own minds and men, niqab is one tool of this protection. Niqab’s Islam completely opposes what the second wave of feminism stood for and the basics of western women’s lifestyle. In fact, it is a culturally hostile foreign element, especially when factoring in the number of women in niqab who see other women as indecent, remember, most of these women are convinced niqab is a staple of Islam, which their understanding thereof is literal and absolute, thus contempt for women not wearing niqab is probably heavy. 

Let’s take a look at Egypt. This is not an analogy as the two countries are radically different, but there is something to consider in what happened here. Egypt in the sixties wasn’t the country you see today, girls didn’t wear hijabs, men and women didn’t religiously abide by what a preacher, who makes thousands of pounds through TV and youtube ads, says on his program, Sheiks had not hijacked the Egyptian critical mind yet, Christians were loved, arts were revered, and feminine beauty was celebrated. Egypt has changed, radically, and the state is the number one guilty party. Cultural transformation is possible. We must reserve the right to favor one cultural element over another, reject some, and defend others using reasoned arguments based on our understanding of what progress is. Taking stances and defending them is a sacred human right. From a universally objective perspective, marrying children and FGM are not bad things, because from a universally objective perspective everything is everything and everything is nothing, it takes vision, culture, and will for a civilization to become and stand.

 Americans should, without violence, take a stand against the culture of niqab as a foreign aggressive expansionist element on American soil. 

God bless America.