The New Prophets

Faith is not without purpose. When humans evolved consciousness, the inner eye, they opened the door for existential depression by experiencing their logical mind’s inability to fully comprehend life and death, our mortality and our struggle to find meaning in our lives became a source of fierce anxiety. Faith and mythical thinking remove the questions causing depression and anxiety away from the logical mind and answer them with their own devices. Eventually, the rational mind will rule supreme over mythical thinking, rational people will rule religious people, because the logical mind is what makes us capable of pushing forward our horizons, which makes it better at manipulating religious thinkers due to its infinite tools.

As science continues to answer essential questions about our essence, while getting more and more complex, science popularizers like Dawkins and Tyson become increasingly important lest science turns into a new church in the minds of laymen. They are the new prophets. They discuss their claims, take questions, debate opponents, and change their minds without resolving to censorship or incitement of  violence. They are the bridge to disciplines that provide verifiable answers and remain silent when unsure. There are no dictations or stipulations.

And you’re not obliged to believe a word they say.



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