There is no one “true” Islam

Ideas do not exist outside of our minds, that’s the difference between ideas and physical objects, an idea is what you make of it. With basic ideas things are relatively simple. As hundreds of main, secondary, and sub-secondary concepts are combined to form a belief system -with ambiguous and undefined sentences, words, and entities- each individual brain believing in said system becomes, more or less, one meaning of it, manifested in the individual’s interpretation of it and their actions that are influenced by it. Once a group of people has based a justification for terrorism on Islam, a violent manifestation of Islam has materialized. There is no use defending Islam against violence, we can only cut the arteries feeding the mad manifestation by publicly challenging the logic that led to its birth and introducing new interpretations.

People of faith are angered by atheists because when you stop believing in an idea you literally take away a part from its existence. Believers are then forced to debate in favor of the existence of their beliefs or, sometimes, take extreme measures, like Islamic terrorists. Indeed, in the mind of Nice’s psychopath, the hell he had unleashed is a manifestation of his ideas; he brought his ideas to life; into the realm of existence. One can also look at ISIS as a successful materialization of hell on earth for non-believers and sinners as defined by the ideas of ISIS.

There is no such thing as true Islam. When you pick up the book(s) of Islam and begin reading them/it you begin writing a new understanding of Islam, if you become a Muslim you become a new method for believing in and applying Islam.

Even the choice of the books and texts you will count as Islamic and the ones you will dismiss plays a part in what Islam you will understand or become.

With religions, ideas are sacred and are worth dying for in holy wars. There is no compromise.

Is there a manifestation of Islam somewhere that truly calls for tolerance of others without Taqqiyah? We should find and promote that Islam. Or make it.


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