Muslim Homosexuals and Vegan Cannibals

Following the Orlando massacre, the media took to acquainting us with a number of Muslims who are also homosexuals. As an ex-Muslim living in a Muslim country, my mind flashed an error. Putting the hadiths aside, which clearly order gays killed, the Quran states homosexuality is a vile act in one chapter and in another says extramarital sexual relations are banned and punishable by stoning or lashing, depending on the marital status of the fuckers. So, do Muslim fagots read the Quran and think it allows gay marriage?

Muslims are hostile towards Muslims who see no contradiction between homosexuality and Islam because they view this claim, and rightly so, as a corruption of their faith.

Muslims still take the Quran literally.  

Now, why would a gay person living in a country where homosexuality is tolerated still retain their Muslim identity? It could be because it’s never easy to leave a religion, fear of hell, or it could be that Muslim homosexuals, somehow, despite being fagots, still think they were born into the only right religion and are still going to heaven with the chosen group, somehow.

I can not take these guys seriously.


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