The Middle East’s swamp of stagnating ideas

The characters of The Office, Community, Scrubs, and Parks and Recreation are all flawed, some deeply, just like us, which makes them believable and able to reach international audiences easily. They don’t have a detailed code of ethics to stick to and make up their concepts about life as they live it. Every episode they have to reexamine something they believe in or learn, and even accept, something new, engulfing life with their flawed selves. A life understood is a life lived approach.


In the Middle East, things are different. We are feverishly attempting to enforce ancient sets of rules on modern life, make them fit, and pretend our lives would be miserable without them, even some artists and writers seek to cement them without criticism or analysis. These ancient rules and the stipulations we infer from what we perceive as their essence result in deformations, sometimes the deformations are literal like Female Genital Mutilation. Other deformations take place in our minds, exemplified by the desecration of individual conscience through relegating its responsibilities to the Sheiks and scriptures, which turns a human from a citizen of the world exploring life into a zombie chicken. Another deformation was meant to create synthetic psychopaths via the abolishment of music or female singers. Accidental deformations also happen, consider the creation of extremely sexually frustrated generations as a result of tons of moral and societal regulations on sex, forgetting that early Muslims, including Muhammad himself, had sex like Gulf countries have oil and modern preachers are often polygamous.


Michael Scott, Leslie Knope, J.D., and the Study Group gave us a third person view on our lives, reassessing life is not a job for philosophers only anymore, we practice it daily; we are open to discussing our ethics and everything we stand for. The majority of Middle Easterners, however, reject this, they want to revel in the rule of scripture. A peaceful, sane Middle East would actually be an anomaly.



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