What do the Muslim Brothers belong to?

What do the Muslim Brothers and Sisters belong to? Certainly not to Egypt, at least not as it is. Although they have made great steps towards the Egypt they seek – Islamic wear, widespread Islamic bigotry, revival of the Islamic supremacy dream- it is still not a place they would call home, to this day Egyptians in love with life can be found next to true liberals and libertarians. Not to mention the Egyptian administration will never go full caliphate. Yet, a threat remains as Islamism in Egypt is on the rise, aggressively.

Do they belong to the US and Europe? No, even in their villas and luxury vehicles they are nothing but aliens there, aliens in ghettos, ghettos that are getting bigger, but that’s another discussion.

The Brothers and Sisters belong to the scriptures of their elders, they are what they believe in and what they understand, which is an impressive achievement. The ability to uproot an individual from the songs they love, the movies they watch, and the things they do, their culture, and embed them in a set of books and disciplines influenced by the dream of the caliphate -what the Brotherhood did in Egypt- is nothing to ignore.

Islamists, and to some extent Muslims in general, don’t believe in live and let live. Because they still take the Quran and Islamic faith literally, Islamic supremacy exists as a dream, Islamists don’t just occupy a place, they attempt to assimilate its elements. One of the biggest problems Europe, and the US to some degree, will have to confront is the idea of legislation based on the Quran and Sunnah -different groups want different versions-, which is entrenched in the minds of Muslims who see salvation and justice in it.

Nietzsche’s and Sartre’s Europe will face the catholic church with a Quran.



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