The I in Dickhead

Fuck ‘em, we’ll scare ‘em shitless, arrest any fucker who shares unhealthy opinions publicly, focus on the popular ones, I want them seen behind bars, I want news of arrests in all newspapers and on all websites, let them know some words will not be tolerated, talk to our guys in the purple church, tell ‘em to report any and all annoyances to me personally, they’re our friends, we scratch their backs they’ll scratch ours, I want at least one host to speak freely about speech-related arrests, I want him to be serious, frustrated, and scared, he will scare his listeners, show them we don’t even care, don’t bother with disclosing matters that may cause controversy, and let some dissenters speak, I want them fighting together, two teams, send our guys to show unlimited support for us on the streets and on talk shows, 1984 my ass, we’ll give ‘em 2016.



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