-I enjoyed watching you play today, you were stunning.
-Hell yes, I know your position doesn’t get the spotlight but it’s the dynamo of every
-Wow, you like football?
-Yes, I’m a fan.
-That’s interesting.
– My father used to play, I’m writing an article for the school magazine on how more
variables make a sport more enjoyable, I took some photos of you and the
strangest thing happened, you don’t appear in any of them, it’s really freaky.
-What’s your
-Dalia, whatever happened to asking for permission?
-What do you mean? And why can’t I move?
-I mean some beings value their privacy, some beings don’t like it when people take photos
of them and ask silly questions.
-Please let me go, I think I will faint.
-Am I holding you?
-What happens if anyone knows about this?
-No one will know, I swear.
– What happens is you will get frozen and shattered to pieces, you understand?
-Yes, yes I do, please let me go.
He gave her a look that gave her shivers and disappeared.


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