Discussing Islamic Terrorism Without Getting Bogged Down in “Not all Muslims are terrorists”

  1. Are all Muslims extremists?
    No. Racist and gross.

    2) Does the Quran instigate against non-Muslims?
    Yes, some Quranic verses are very hostile towards non-Muslims while others promote tolerance and compassion, both types of verses exist. The Quran is not a physics book, it’s a collection of teachings, regulations, stories, and some whimsical poetry collected around 1000 years ago from the minds of those who had memorized it during Prophet Muhammad’s life some one hundred years earlier.

    3) Were the verses promoting hatred of non-Muslims meant for particular circumstances or a specific period?
    No, it is totally up to the reader how these verses should be interpreted.

    4) Can a Muslim declare there is a war against Islam and recruit soldiers for jihad?
    Yes, an argument could be made that the current western culture, particularly freedom of sexual practices and freedom from religion, violates the core beliefs of Islam. Western military interference in Muslim areas also constitutes an argument.

    5) Are Muslims pushing for more tolerant readings of the Quran?
    On the contrary, as Muslims find their religion and culture growing more and more irrelevant and inapplicable in today’s globalized world they either become seculars, the minority, or stick to more fundamentalist religious readings.

    6) The Islamic culture is the synthesis of:
    Texts (Quran and Hadith)
    Interpretation, how these texts are understood.
    Implementation, which leads to:
    A) Terrorism
    B) A long term strategy to spread Islamism, sometimes without seeking political power like the Salafists in Egypt.
    C) Passive secularism, not abiding by Islam’s regulations.
    D) Active secularism, pushing for separation of mosque and state while fighting Islamism in society.

    7) Islamism is Islam as a religion and a constitution from which principal and daily regulations are derived, i.e., sharia law in action.

    8) For Europe to remain Europe, the principles of freedom of speech, expression, and thought must be upheld. Kowtowing to Islamism will lead to more societal deformation and the occasional bomb. Islamists cannot be appeased; they seek to rule one way or another. Islamists in suits can never control terrorists, terrorists are rogue, violent individuals convinced there are brides waiting for them in a palace in heaven.



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