On Nietzsche’s Asylum

Unless the man who says he is Jesus is Jesus, faith needs a mind functioning properly to exist and be practiced. Faith in essence is a mental product and process, an idea, that cannot be without a sound human brain. Thus faith is stripped of any non-mental natures, or at least they become complementary. Claims that animals can have faith are completely unjustifiable. Defective minds can either learn to imitate simple practices without any understanding of core beliefs or be engulfed in delusion. Faith was intended for a good human mind, this mind can pontificate on the soul and the unknown, but without the mind there is no faith. For perspective, diseases of the body and their cures act regardless of our comprehension of them, so do bullets, but ideas need a brain to exist. To be redundant, faith exists in your working brain.

Faith has nothing to do with spirituality, itself a mind creature, as it offers a destination while spirituality is about the journey to your shadows and fundamental self. It’s about you, not you seeing yourself through thousands of ancient scriptures.



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