Egyptian Metalheads party downtown, Satan is summoned

CAIRO, February 21 – Egyptian Metalheads summoned Satan on Sunday in downtown Cairo to unleash hell on the capital of the already turbulent Egypt.

The Metalheads played fast melodies in the key of D minor with an added C#  on double bass drumming and heavily distorted bass lines. Unbeknownst to them, Satan loves the D minor key, and the added C# just drove him crazy. It is important to mention that Satan is not intentionally wreaking havoc on the ancient city, but he’s playing a sick distorted organ, allegedly Bach’s, and the sound waves are tearing the city to pieces. Some call it the “renaissance” while others are panicking and reading the Quran.

Hami Waker, the head of musicians syndicate, had warned about this two days earlier, no one listened, “we all know what the C# does to the D minor key, the D is already a dangerous scale, why add a C# ?,” he said.  


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