-Relax, this is the natural order

-I thought you reject the natural order

-On the contrary, I uphold everyone one of its pillars, but it is necessary to dance around those pillars, examine how far they can be bent before becoming straight again

-I will scream rape

-No one will hear you

-You will

-Don’t then

-Let me go

-I can’t

-Kiss me

-I thought this was a rape

-The lords will be livid

-I don’t give a flaccid rat’s dick what the lords think, that’s why you’re here, no?

-Yes, I need your help


-A teenage girl in Tunisia has been cooking and distributing extremely potent spells against demons, my body aches all night, and not just for you, I want to torture her soul, I need your darkness and your wind

-A little harsh for a little girl?

-She’s hurting me on purpose, she knows me, your Jezebel


-I want her to feel fear in her hearts of hearts, give her winter in her summer and night in her day

-My command, now, would you spread your arms and give me heaven?

-Don’t ask, order


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