Will for a peaceful Islam

Islam Elbeheiry is a T.V. host who attempted to prove the Islamic scriptures serving as the basis for Islamic terrorism should not belong in modern Islam and should not be representative of it. Islam was sentenced by an Egyptian court to one year in prison for the crime of “deriding religion”. Here we have someone putting his freedom on the line to show Islam is actually a religion of peace, but the fact of the matter is most Muslims do not want a new interpretation of Islam that would speak against ISIS and label them non-Muslims. “Islam is a religion of peace” will continue in banners and PR campaigns, but as long as the ancient books of terror remain authoritative Islam will never be a religion of peace.

This is Egypt we’re talking about, radicalized, wahhabized Egypt.

When the majority of Muslims reject entertaining the idea of rereading the Quran, the fundamentalist interpretations of the texts remain prevalent and unchallenged. This is the role of Moderate Muslims ™ in reforming the Islamic culture, they have to build a strong opposition to the literature that produces terrorists, the concept of jihad must be properly defined, clear rules for living with non-Muslims as a majority and minority must be established, and a definitive stance on freedom of speech must be agreed upon. These principles must not be restricted to public relations campaign, Muslims must teach tolerance to their kids [tolerance not Taqiyah (seek and destroy)], they must understand and accept other people have radically different views on life. This is the responsibility of Moderate Muslims ™, to teach and practice tolerance instead of abusing it in propaganda campaigns by hijabi girls attempting, and failing miserably, to look cute.


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