Clinton: Libya and Iraq are better than Egypt because they are still dynamic

Attempting to expound on her remark that Egypt is ruled by a military dictatorship, Clinton insisted the situation in Libya, Iraq, and even Syria is better than Egypt, which has fallen into political stagnation since President Sisi removed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi from power in 2013. “Libya and Iraq actually have a chance to form the future they desire because of how dynamic they are now, the terrorism and extremism and the deep-seated popular ideologies that fuel them will not hinder the efforts to transform these two great nations into modern democracies very soon,” Clinton said with a human voice.

“Egypt on the other hand, despite the fact that they have a newly-birthed democracy that might actually work and the fact that they have survived the brutal Arab Spring, is trapped in the struggles of a developing state. Yes, they have a state, but it’s boring and I don’t like it,” Clinton added.


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