– Hi, can I buy you a beer?

– …sure

– Two beers here please, my name is Mira, I’m the head of Citra’s HR department, I stay at this hotel while doing business in this area, I couldn’t help noticing you and your girlfriend, and if you don’t mind me being forthcoming, I would like to talk to you about her.

– About what exactly?

– I don’t think you’re into her.

– Excuse me?

– You’re not into trans women.

– Ok, now you’re being insolent.

– I know, but can I continue?

– What is it you wanna say?

– I have been watching you and her, I know men, I know when they are in love and when they are faking every single gesture, move, and emotion.

– Like a computer analyzing bots?

– No, like a woman.

– If you’re not leaving I am.

– You know I’m right.

– Right about what?

– I have seen you averting your eyes just before you kiss her and your tongues lock, you flinch when she touches you unexpectedly, your skin resents hers.

– Have you been spying on us?

– No, but figuring out people is my thing, and like you, I spend a lot of time in this hotel, you can say sexual discrepancies catch my eye.

– What are you? The sex police?

– No, I’m a fiend, and you know I’m right.

– I love Mary, we have been together for five years.

– I never said you don’t love her, love is one thing, sexual attraction is another, and your sex rejects her, tell me, what do you think about to get it up?



– Her, I think about her.

– Liar.

– Her as a woman.

– She wouldn’t undergo surgery for you?

– You are right about love and sexual attraction being separate desires, I love her, as she is, asking her to alter her body is selfish, it’s not love, it’s greed.



– How can you maintain love while suppressing your desire for a woman’s skin?

– We share a woman every now and then, our relation is based on truths, disconcerting, necessary truths.

– I wanna be the next woman.

-… sure


– Honey, we got a new one, I’m gonna eat this bitch alive.


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