Would you live in the world of The Congress?

The Congress, directed by Ari Folman and starring Robin Right, ends with humans in a state of trance living in a fantasy world created by psychoactive drugs. We have all experienced days when life seemed unbearable, days when we contemplated whether we have a greater purpose or meant for something, days when agony almost scratched our hearts, when depression squeezed our hearts, paralyzed our minds, and alienated us in our own homes. Well, maybe not all of us.


The fantasy world of The Congress is not really impossible to get a taste of now. With good pot or a painkiller, like Tramadol Hydrochloride, experiencing video games can be pleasurably vivid, especially open world games like GTA V, Watch Dogs, and Skyrim. But it only lasts for a few hours and your body develops drug tolerance. Still, you can experience what it would be like to live in a world that is not here. Not to mention virtual reality headsets are about to be sold commercially.


We perceive the world through our minds, why shouldn’t we be able to live inside our heads if we so desired? Reality is what we make of the world, it’s a mental construct.


The movie makes the case that we already live in a fantasy world, just not completely in our heads yet. A few weeks ago, some people and newspapers were discussing why some star singer had put her foot on her chair in one of the singing-contest reality shows. The reality shows watched by millions. The greatest adventure a lot of people have, myself included, takes place inside a book or on screen. And it’s alright, not all people are meant for great things or thrilling careers, that’s why we have words for “great” and “thrilling”. We are normal human beings, dispensable cogs that live and die.


Would you spend summer in Paris or fight dinosaurs on an abandoned island in your mind?



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