Women in niqab don’t just look like Batman, they are Batmen

Batman and Niqab-Clad Women (NCW) do not just share a striking resemblance, they also share dedication to a mission and they both work in darkness. NCW fight freedom of thought and freedom of speech behind closed doors. Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood – fundamentally similar but tactically different- have utilized NCW instrumentally to push forward their ideologies in Egypt. NCW operate as part of an organization following direct, detailed orders from high-ranking Islamists and, sometimes, as lone wolves. They are an indispensable and one of the extremely effective tools deployed by Egyptian Islamists. In the past thirty years, they have managed to deform the majority of Egyptian women and girls by putting the hijab on their beautiful black hair, just look at the gymnastics Egyptian ladies have to pull off to wear something they like that conforms with the hijab. It requires a strong stomach to be aware of how much Salafists are culturally powerful in Egypt and not throw up.

The religious indoctrination NCW undergo to make them convinced of happily wearing the niqab at the age of twelve or thirteen amounts to psychological trauma, just like Batman losing his parents as a child. Islamists do not simply replace critical thinking with religious thinking, no, that would easily be overturned. Islamists tie up the critical mind, BDSM-style, making it a slave in the minds of NCW serving its master, the religious brain. That is why you hear arguments like NCW are like good protected candy and see NCW who are tolerant of their husbands beating them and who are open to the idea of polygamy, violating something modern women hold sacred. This is the disfigured critical thinking turning tricks for the fundamentalist religious mentality.

In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne embodies what he fears most, a bat. What do NCW fear? Beauty? Philosophy? Promiscuity? Sexual exploration? Maybe, but I think what they fear most is Prophet Mohamed himself, or rather his censure, so they embody him by preaching what he fought for, they become messengers by proxy, mandated by God to preach Islam, eerily similar to the Prophet of Islam.

The jokers for NCW are actually the jokers, the comedians, people who can poke fun at what NCW promote as the truth. Writers who challenge their ideas and authors who create worlds where NCW’s doctrine is ridiculed or outright ignored. NCW go beyond state law to uphold their doctrine, the jokers go above it to diminish any ideology that suggests any laws or rules should be sacred or eternal, like the brave Raif Badawi who is paying the price of standing up for an opinion in a theocratic state.

Gadgets. Now, not all NCW share this element with Batman, I am talking about NCW who use bomb belts to retaliate against the jokers.

NCW are our Batmen, our dark twisted Batmen.


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