Twenty Minutes



-Hi Kiki, this is Mat

-How you doing, Mat?

-Good, tell me, Kiki, would you rather sacrifice yourself or put the lives of innocent people and yourself in grave danger?

-Excuse me? Are you high again?

-We both know I don’t do drugs … remember when you said, “you’re so smart it’s scary”? … it’s time to be scared

-Mat, you’re being weird, weirder than usual

-Listen carefully, right now you’re on the highway, in 20 minutes you’ll be in the city, you have no control over the acceleration or deceleration of the car, it’s 80 MPH until arrival

-What the fuck, you messed with my car?

-My car, Kiki, my car, have you no respect for property?

-Mat, please, I don’t deserve this, I fucked with you, I know … but I will make it up to you, anything, ask anything

-You have said that a million times and never meant it, you claimed I was high, I hit your pretty face, filed a lawsuit, and got the car, so I think punishment fits the crime, no more pretty face no more car, I removed the air bags by the way …. oh no, you can’t cancel this call, or call 911, say hi to Monzer, I believe you know him

-Hi Kiki


-18 minutes …. I loved you, Kiki, you wanted a fucking car, a Mercedes, but still a car, you can’t expect to get 5 thousand dollars a month AND crazy sex from the same man, can you?

-No, please

-Feeling cold yet?

-Yes, what is it?

-Maybe it’s your pills or maybe your AC has gone crazy, feverish

-Oh god no, please…what if I confess?

-16 minutes, confess what?

-What I and Raul did to you

-Which is?

-Raul injected you with meth and hit me so we can frame you and take the car

-And you’re fucking Raul, right?


-How long have you been fucking Raul?

-…three years

-You have been cheating on me with Raul for three years?




-Anal sex, have you had anal sex with Raul? 15 minutes


-At my house?


-In my workshop?


-Of course you did, I have it on tape


-14 minutes

-..then why did you let me win the case?

-I like games, Kiki

… fumbling sound…

-… so… are you ready for Player 2? … I have a spare phone

Dialing…911…Cancel …

-This is a perfectly premeditated murder, way worse than a set-up

-You sly bitch

-Never thought I would need it, so how about this, let me live, tell me how to take back control of the car and I will drive it to your place and annul the restraining order … you have 5 minutes

-There is a device under your seat with a big button, press it


-I’m heading your way


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