The impostor charged with killing a housewife in Alexandria during an exorcism session is a Nour Party official in the region, Baheeg village residents in Borg al-Arab area, western Alexandria said. Youm7 reported.

The accused is among many others in the area who practice hocus-pocus sorcery and psycho-quackery, a big number of which are Salafist preachers. They use weird methods such as electrocution with 220 volts and reciting words inside a sterilized bottle of saline solution or glucose, plastering it shut, and then injecting its contents into the patient’s vein, village residents added.

Nour Party’s Director of Public Relations Hamed Metwally has confirmed that Saleh Mahmoud, the charlatan charged with slaying the young Alexandrian housewife, is the head of Nour Party’s Social Committee in Baheeg village.

Metwally will attend the investigations with Mahmoud.

The victim had sought the impostor’s help to better her sexual relation with her husband. She believed a djin had married her and wanted to exorcise him. “I thought I was hitting the djin not her,” the impostor said after beating the girl to death with a thick wooden stick.