I’m not gay (explicit)

– Where am I? And who are you?

– You are where you pay for your sins.

-What? Untie me now.

– Soon, but first, tell me Mr. Sexy, why do you dress like a woman?


– Why do you intentionally confuse good straight men and make them lust after your body by dressing like a beautiful woman?

-What are you talking about? Who do you think I am?

– You’re the CFO of Venta, you drive a black BMW, you smoke red Marlboro, and you dress like a woman to mess with straight men.

– I never do that, I’ve never cross-dressed.

-So I’m attracted to you as a pure male? Are you saying I’m a vile homosexual? Is that what you’re saying?

– I’m not saying anything, just let me down and untie me so we can discuss whatever your problem is.

-No, you have to pay for staining and confusing the will of good straight men.

-What the fuck is this?

-Anesthesia, don’t you worry a bit, I’m a surgeon, we will make you the woman you have always wanted to be, you will stop whoring around messing with the hearts of good straight men, like me, I love you, but I’m a straight man, this penis has to come off so we can play safely.


Next day.

– Where am I? Why am I tied up?

– You are where you belong, in your palace, my prince.

– This is a palace? Please untie me, what the fuck happened yesterday, I’m still dizzy.

-Yesterday we danced, we kissed, we flew over the moon.

-Yes, that pill was good. Please untie me and let me down.

-I love you.

-You got the wrong idea, I’m not a lesbian.

-Neither am I, you’re a handsome man, you just don’t know it.

– Please let me down, I’m scared.

-Don’t be, as soon as we attach this fresh penis, and the pump, everything will be alright.

– What? Why?

– So we can make love of course, my sweet prince, like a straight man and his woman.

– I’m not a man, let me down, please.

– Don’t you ever say that, you’re as manly as they get, you were just given the wrong genitals, and awesome boobs, love ’em by the way, now, we are going to fix your situation, I want you to count from fifty down to one.


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