ISIS terrorists to write for Huffington Arabi as the news portal pushes for extreme freedom of expression

In an eccentric and suspicious move towards Total Freedom of Expression (TFE), Huffington Arabi has started running articles written by ISIS jihadi journalists. The articles promote the ideology of ISIS and offer detailed guides for innovatively killing those you disagree with. “We are liberals, liberals is what we are, we believe in listening and understanding the other, Huffington Arabi is giving ISIS psychopaths the floor to explain their ideas so we can criticize and analyze their discourse rationally and generate counter arguments,” Arianna Huffington said attempting to explain the weird shift of policy, “no one paid anything, this is purely for the sake of democracy and Total Freedom of Expression (TFE),” she added.

When asked about minorities in the Middle East whose rights are under constant attack by Islamists, Ariana said there will come a time when they will have an internationally renowned and well-funded newspaper serving their interests as well, but for the time being we are focusing on enabling all Islamists, including ISIS terrorists.

An ISIS top terrorist, who spoke with a knife to my neck, said the concept of Taqqiyah allows Muslims to work with infidel older women if such work will yield benefits for Muslims. They also threatened to freeze my mother to death if I ever revealed anything I knew about them.

Do you agree with Arianna’s decision? If so, what is your favorite ISIS execution method?

Leave your comments below.


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