Dude, most of your policemen are racists, you cannot possibly lecture us on human rights, Egyptian Foreign Minister told his American counterpart in an official statement Wednesday. 
The Egyptian Minister said he will accept scolding for human rights violations from countries such as Germany, U.K., and Denmark, but not the U.S.  

I see lots of comics and vines on the topic of U.S. Police forces blatant discrimination against black people, the annual number of black people deaths on the hands of U.S. Police is seriously scary, he added. 

And don’t get me started on the number of civilians killed by U.S. Military since 2003, the lowest estimation is 200,000 for christ’s sake, not to mention the state-approved systematic torture of prisoners in Abu-Gharib. The United States is in no place to reprimand other nations for human rights breaches, we are sick and appalled by this hypocritical big brother attitude.