Egyptian Women in Hijab : Full Force

Remember, one day you will be alone in a dark grave, what will be the excuse you tell Allah for not wearing the hijab? For rejecting virtue? – this is one of many rhetorics Islamists used to talk Egypt’s women into covering their heads with scarves during the late seventies. It worked! the sweeping majority of Egyptian women have worn the hijab ever since, the fact that this headgear is not clearly mentioned in the Quran – the meaning of its verse is heavily debated- tells you how much Islamists can influence the Egyptian mind. Not even January 25 or June 6 dared challenge this type of religious dominance.

The pushing for cultural hegemony necessitates using all means available, like arm wrestling, women and Islamists know this quite well. The cries of hijab-clad girls barred from entering nightclubs that serve alcohol and beaches that require proper swimsuits have been getting louder and louder. These places have a certain image they need to maintain for their specific type of clientele, banning hijab is strictly a business decision, and they know what they are doing as they lose revenue from most Egyptian women. Yes, this is discrimination based on clothes; covered women are not going to stand for that. They will, however, stand for the fact that Egyptian girls cannot wear a dress, a tank top, a pair of shorts, or an above-knee skirt publically in Egypt without eventually getting harassed verbally and physically, an attitude that is very similar to how some Egyptian muslims fiercely condemn violence against other muslims in Burma and merely shrug when christians are forced out of their homes in Egypt.

What is funny is that the hijab’s idea is for women to be inconspicuous in public by covering the entire body including their hair, and women by nature have a desire to turn heads, it flatters their femininity, they love to wear different and colorful attires everyday, so they end up wearing tank tops over Carina bodies…


…shirts over Carina bodies…


…dresses over Carina bodies…


…and whatever that is…


And when ugliness has prevailed, Islamists have won.


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