Aug 1. Egypt’s army says it has killed a leading figure in Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis

July 31 Twenty militants killed in strikes in northern #Sinai#Egypt

July 30 The prosecutors in Suez have referred 38 Muslim Brotherhood members to trial for burning cars belonging to the Suez oil company last February

July 29 On the displaced #Sinai families, due to the CT campaign there:

July 29 Egypt is participating in a United Nations counterterrorism meeting including session concerning foreign fighters

July 29 Sinai militancy and possible threat to international forces (the MFO)

July 29 Assets of 78 Muslim Brotherhood members frozen according to Dunne that makes 1300 (not sure of accuracy)

July 28 10 militants killed, 15 others injured during raids by Apache helicopters on terrorists’ hotbeds in S. Sheikh Zwayed, (Hasan Sari)

July 28 Detention renewed for Esra al-Taweel, photojournalist

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