The Woman In The Painting

A painting hangs on a wall in my living room, my wife says it is a portrait of herself, my daughter says the same, and so did my mother. I do not know the woman in the painting, the problem is, on some nights, she comes to life and possesses my wife. Instead of the traditionalist by-the-book manager, Lina becomes a sexual freak. I will not lie, the sex is beyond great, but it is also terrifying. Imagine your woman’s body with a completely different personality, and you cannot tell anyone because come morning she is herself again, people would call you crazy. With sun’s last face, Lina starts giving me these strange looks before turning, her eyes show unsettling white reflections and all house lights turn off for a second, the first time it happened I peed myself. Yesterday, at around ten, wearing only high heels and a bright red lipstick, she, teasingly, sashayed towards me, slapped my face like I have never been slapped before, and whispered, “fuck me like you fuck Mona, I made the pony tail for you.” Mona is a prostitute I used to frequent before the woman in the painting took hold of Lina; sex with Lina had become stagnant and quite honestly disgusting. So we fucked, I fucked her brains out, her thighs were red and I never slapped her, she orgasmed and spoke in tongues, her eyes glowed white as she danced on my erect penis, a red of blood covered the bedroom’s wall and I believe I saw people who weren’t there.

On other nights, the woman possesses my daughter, Mara. I began noticing when one day she started listening to Vivaldi instead of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Ray. Vivaldi’s concertos bless her room for hours while she reads, and studies, the Bible, the Quran, and the Torah.

I have always loved the woman in the frame and often stared at her for minutes. When my mother died I brought the painting to my home, and new Lina and Mara were born.

It is spooky, living with two women who, on some nights, are not themselves. But at least I do not have to endure boring Lina all the time, I have accepted her demon.


I have not seen my wife in ten years, if you see her, tell her I miss every inch of her, she is a tall brunette with black hair and eyes and a scar on her left cheek, she is still gorgeous though.

And Lina, if you are reading this, I have destroyed all the sticks, please come back.


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