It was easy for me to understand MGTOW culture having lived with two friends completely puppeteered by their mothers. A teacher at the faculty of psychology and a petroleum engineer, two financially independent adult males, yet you would not believe the overbearing control their mothers have over them. They cannot stay out late without getting their mothers’ permissions, they are always called by their mothers to be checked on, and by and large almost every major step in their lives is part of their mothers’ agendas, in fact, the mechanical engineer originally wanted to study business administration. When I ask them to reject their mothers’ dominion, and I ask a lot, the teacher says he does not want to engage in futile battles and the engineer totally ignores my invitation giving me this facial gesture not to put pressure on him. They are both successful in their fields, but they are like robots limited to certain actions in a specific space.

What is interesting about my two friends, both single, is that the female overruling influence in their lives is very overt; you can only imagine what it takes to raise two healthy men to become mere dolls like this.

If men are the machines running this world, women have their hands on far too many switches.

I do not blame the mothers, I am not a “meninist”, like Zappa said, you deserve the miserable life you did nothing to better, and you deserve to be the puppet of the woman in your life, whether the strings are visible or invisible.

Women do not exist in a state of weakness; women manifest images of weakness to gain more power. Whenever you are confronted by a woman who seems loving, weak, tender, or sympathetic towards you, begin examining what is happening underneath the surface, what could be her goals? How could she possibly use you to achieve those goals? There is a great chance she sees you as a utility. If you are in a relationship, assess how much each of you has gained from every decision you made together and compare your gains to the amount of money you are bringing to the house. Who is benefitting more from your relationship? If you are married, do not fall for her gas bombs – when she berates you for hours because you bought the wrong type of cheese or overanalyzes a trivial slip of tongue or action you committed but cannot even remember.

It is quite telling how women have invaded the job market yet steered clear of dying on the battlefields.

I am sick and tired of living my life a censored clown with a wallet spending his time on this earth chasing after a pussy in a dress.

For more information on MGTOW please visit Sandman’s youtube channel.


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